Top 5 Arduino Programs of the Year

Also called simulators for Arduino, they are programs that are used for those who are in the basic learning of circuits. These simulators or programs are interesting because with them you can debug the code per line. In this post you will learn the 5 best programs for Arduino. Keep reading and find out.

With the programs for Arduino, beginners and professionals will have the opportunity to learn, program and design circuits without wasting time and money. These simulators are suitable for learning the basics of circuits and their design without the fear of damaging your board or design equipment.

In addition, through these programs students have the opportunity to eliminate errors that they may have in electrical equipment. Let’s see what these programs are.

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  • Programs for Arduino
    • Proteus Design Suite
    • Autodesk Eagle
    • UnoArduSim
    • VBB4Arduino
    • Virtronics

Programs for Arduino

Proteus Design Suite

Proteus Design Suite is a program for Arduino that is used to carry out electronic equipment construction projects: electronic schematic design, printed circuit board construction and software programming. It also performs debugging, construction, documentation and simulation functions for the entire project.

The various modules that make up the Proteus suite can be purchased separately and added according to development and design needs . In addition, in the educational field, this simulator is appropriate for the student to learn to make modifications both in the circuit and in the programming. In this way, you are given the opportunity to learn in a practical way and without the fear that you may damage materials.

Among the main features of Proteus Design Suite are:

  • It can work with the main compilers and assemblers on the market.
  • Its graphical ISIS environment is very easy to use and has a number of tools that facilitate the work of the designer.
  • It has a mixed prospice simulation environment.
  • Printed Circuit Board Design Environment (ARES).
  • It has a modern standardized user interface.
  • Most of its modules have been written by its own team, which guarantees the best compatibility of all the tools that make up its suite.

Download | Proteus Design Suite

Autodesk Eagle

The Autodesk Eagle simulator was developed by Autodesk for the design of printed circuit boards ( PCBs ). The Arduino design files are in the format of this simulator, and it is one of the few programs that supports Linux.

This software has a large number of facilities to design PCBs, has a good user community and is multiplatform. However, Autodesk Eagle is not open source, so it is difficult to study the program code, share it, or improve it. Among the most outstanding features that this program has are:

  • It has a full set of SPICE simulation methods.
  • It has blocks that you can drag and drop, they can be reusable in the project.
  • You can validate your schematic design through a complete electronic rule checks.
  • Every change you make is automatically synced with your schematic and design.
  • Organize and order PCB design objects using alignment tools.
  • Checking electrical rules.

Download | Autodesk Eagle


Another program for Arduino is UnoArduSim, a free simulator that was created by Queen’s University. With this program it can only be used with Arduino Uno board. In addition, it includes a large number of most used elements , such as: pullups and pulldowns resistors, LEDs, RS-232 and I2C, potentiometers, SPI communication buses, DC motors, push buttons. , servo motors, etc.

On the other hand, this program can run the font line after line, analyze typos and program breakpoints. Also, with the libraries you already have (Wire.h, Servo.h, SPI.h, SoftwareSerial.h, and EEPROM.h) you can add others or from the Arduino itself.

With version 2.2 the program and manuals come in Spanish. The program is portable with a weight of 18 Mb, so its installation is not necessary to use it. In addition, it is a free and free tool, no hardware is required to debug or test the program written for Arduino Uno; analyzes writing and syntactic errors.

Download | UnoArduSim


VBB4Arduino is an integrated circuit simulator, being functional even for microprocessor development environments. In addition, it works in the development and debugging of microcontrollers, it serves for the emulation of circuits and their documentation.

On the other hand, its interface is intuitive and easy, you have access to a large collection of circuit templates. Other of its characteristics that it possesses are:

  • It gives you the opportunity to customize your projects through its components such as: timers, function generators, instruments, LCD / LED screens, motors and more.
  • When the circuit is emulating you can view the error log in real time.
  • Use the terminal component to send UART commands at TTL levels.
  • Students, teachers and engineers can use it at an educational level, it is ideal.

Download | VBB4Arduino


Virtronics is part of the Arduino programs created by the Australian company Virtronics , intended for students and beginners of electronics. It is compatible with Windows and Linux, it is paid and has a free version, it is software to be used on Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega boards.

Virtronics has the following features:

  • Debugging is done line by line. When you select a new line, it will continue from there.
  • It performs digital read and write functions and PinMode for pins 0-53.
  • Also, perform analog reads (pins 0-16) and analog write (digital pins 0-53).
  • LCD output, Ethernet, serial emulates, servo, EEPROM, SD card, SoftSerial and SPI
  • The values ​​of the variables are shown in real time.

Download | Virtronics

All of these Arduino programs are excellent, some more than others. However, Proteus  , despite not being online or free, is a very complete program, with which you can learn and do many things.


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