How aliens were caught more than 3 centuries ago

A rare document published in 1698 was discovered at an ancient manuscript appraisal event held in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, UK. The volume written by Christianus Huygens reveals his fascination with the potential existence of extraterrestrials. How were aliens caught more than 3 centuries ago?

The author who surprised the aliens

In the book entitled “Celestial World Discovered: Conjectures on the Inhabitants, Plants and Productions of Planetary Worlds”, the author tries to imagine what kind of creatures the extraterrestrials could be and what they could do, from their planet.

He suggests that aliens enjoy astronomy and observation, boating and listening to music, but they would also suffer misfortune, war and poverty “because these lead us to invention and progress”. In the imagination of the author, Christianus Huygens, the aliens are a far more evolved species than humans, and this is seen in the technology he believes the entities possess that lead to wars.

The book will be auctioned due to its uniqueness, and the price will not be a small one. It could fetch quite a high starting price at auction (somewhere between £2,000-£3,000), which will take place on 5 July 2022 at Hansons Library Auction at Bishon Hall in Staffordshire.

The discoverer of the unusual 17th-century book, appraiser Jim Spencer, said:

“It’s fascinating to think of someone who turned these pages in 1698, what he must have felt when he read these descriptions of life on Jupiter or Saturn, before looking at the night sky.”

The volume’s reviewer stated that he was fascinated by what the author could have been thinking at the time. Although the technology was completely lacking in the 17th century, it is attractive to see how the author approaches the subject as if he had an idea of ​​what people today have discovered about aliens:

“Turning the pages gives you a ‘curious feeling’ because of its futuristic or sci-fi subject matter, even though the writer is speaking to us from the past,” added reviewer Jim Spencer.

In which place in Romania did the aliens appear?

Specialists in astronomy say that it is impossible that there are no other intelligent life forms besides humans. At the same time, there are not a few who claim to have seen UFOs (unidentified flying objects) for a short period of time, after which they disappeared. This is also the case of an event that happened in Romania, being reported even by those from National Geographic.

In 2001, in the village of Nănești, Vrancea county, there was a power outage. Around 10:30 p.m., the villagers came outside to see what was happening. At one point, a UFO appeared in the sky emitting flashes of light.

This amazed the villagers, people saying that it must have been aliens . Moreover, a wedding was taking place in the locality, and the guests also saw how the sky lit up. This strange event lasted about two hours. In the following days, specialists in UFO phenomena analyzed the area in search of evidence, but without any results.


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