Hotel Passage (Havana)

Hotel Passage . First hotel equipped on the Island of Cuba with a hydraulic elevator.


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The “Pasaje” hotel was a two-story building built around 1871 by the Zequeira and Zequeira family on what is called Paseo de Martí or Paseo del Prado. It was the first hotel facility built especially for this purpose, since it was common to adapt it from any existing building. It was also the first hotel establishment on the Island equipped with a hydraulic elevator.


Its front faced the Paseo del Prado; the bottom went out to Zulueta street, and along the hotel, between the mentioned roads and with exit to both streets, ran a gallery or passage, hence the name of the installation, covered with an iron and glass structure and that gave accommodate not a few commercial and service establishments, among them the Flérida Galante publishing house, of pornographic books.


That hotel no longer exists. It collapsed in the early 1980s. Those who managed to see it function as a hotel saw it degenerate into tenements, like other hotels in the area, and for those things in life they also had to see it fall. The Kid Chocolate multipurpose room was built in the space it occupied .


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