n the experience and experience of each of us, a basic and fundamental part covers travel, time spent discovering unknown places and things, trying to go beyond the barriers of one’s daily habits and break the patterns that sometimes keep us passive and lazy to waste time on the sofa.

Of course, not everyone can afford to make plans, and many simply cannot afford this or that much desired destination economically. But, please leave us the pleasure of making another quote, as the essay Paolo Coelho said, “ Travel is never a question of money, but of courage. 

The courage to take and leave, to put a troubled year behind us and the normal anxieties that afflict our days, to try to break the chains of normalcy and recharge ourselves, instilling new life into which we can draw when we will need it again.

The concept of vacation is certainly very broad, and each of us interprets its meaning according to one’s character and habits, one’s nature and needs.

Surely, in addition to the real holiday in faraway places that we don’t know, we must learn to carve out a space of rehabilitation and pause, recreation and deep refreshment in our daily lives, to give us a constant and gradual charge: in this regard it is important to spend some time time with your friends, play sports and have fun as we see fit, because certain endorphins must be supplied daily to our brain, for its well-being.

Let’s not forget it then: let’s take care of ourselves, work is a priority as well as the stimuli for things done with pleasure, the freedom you breathe during a simple aperitif with friends or a soccer match, a movie night or a nice book under the fireplace, etc.

A pause, from time to time, is good for our brain and our spirit, because it has been scientifically ascertained how reducing stress is actually the real key to improving our cognitive performance. So we play sports, sleep more, always try to be honest and spend more time with those who love us.

Without these premises, we can now speak of the real Vacation, with a capital V.

For many, the holiday can be an opportunity for renewal and refreshment after unhappy moments, because there is really nothing better than changing the scenario that brings back painful memories, much better instead exploring and setting off, to occupy the mind and fill the heart.

For others, the holiday represents a real stimulus to go on, that extra something that revives us, that thought to which we turned when a day was too heavy.

The holiday is certainly one of the best moments during the year, the thought to which we turn our mind when we feel particularly stressed and in need of relaxation and recreation.

It is fundamental, first of all, to indulge your tastes and desires: it is normal for many to think that a week at the spa can be boring, or on the contrary, that someone does not like to take an interrail trip with a backpack.

Above all, it is necessary to consider the fact that many places and related structures tend to offer the best of them during a certain period, therefore it is appropriate, before deciding where to go, also to consider the climatic situation and local tradition in that given period of time. of the year.

Seasonality deeply distinguishes a choice on the holiday to organize.

In addition to this aspect, it is also necessary to consider your own tastes in terms of cooking, for example, because not everyone is able to adapt to certain local customs, and to live peacefully staying in particular places with food habits diametrically opposed to ours.

Our advice is definitely to take risks, to try, to taste and not be prevented: we must not preclude experiences and typical characteristics that could instead reveal something new to a certain place. The holiday must always contain something new.

Regarding the possible destinations, we are fortunate to choose in the wide range that our wonderful planet offers us, with scenarios and landscapes that can be of all types, depending on our whim, be it for the sea or the mountain, for the lake or the city, for example.

If we have not yet made a trip to the exotic universe, and we are curious about it, it is time to book in Mauritius or the Maldives , in Kenya or Zanzibar , in Santo Domingo or Cuba , etc.

A particular experience could be snorkeling , and the most suitable place for this activity is undoubtedly the Red Sea .

If we are lovers of the Mediterranean , and we do not want to deprive ourselves of its natural beauty and its crystal clear waters, we will find the best holidays in Italy, or in the Balearic and Canary Islands in Spain , or in Mykonos in Greece , together with the famous Kos , Rhodes , Crete , Santorini , Corfu .

If we are in love with the American dream, the lights of the American metropolises, and the enchanted beaches of California , then we must necessarily take away the whim of going to see the States with our own eyes , because the vastness and the varied diversity of places and customs, makes this nation a real continent, with multiple facets: from the lights of Las Vegas to the grunge capital , Seattle , from the wild Oklahoma of the rednecks to the metropolis par excellence, New York , etc. You will find them for all tastes.

If, on the other hand, we intend to spend a few days feeling like citizens of a new country in old dear Europe , it will be very easy and low cost to book a flight plus hotel in some beautiful city, all full of stimuli and history, ideas and things to see:
Barcelona , Rome , Amsterdam , London , Lisbon , Copenhagen , just to name a few.

Before leaving, as we have already mentioned, it is necessary to understand first of all what we want from our holiday, to be able to give us an experience that is as successful as possible and which we will remember pleasantly. Although it would be better to always be elastic and ready for changes, many are unable to transpose and digest (metaphorically, but also with specific and targeted references to food) certain journeys that are too “demanding”.

So it is also very important to get to know each other well and learn to understand what are the things that make us feel at ease, the things that are not for us, especially in order not to ruin and not ruin the holiday for those who left with us.

Coming to this last point, in this regard it is necessary to underline the importance of the company chosen for our trip, as synergies and the right alchemy are the basis of the success of the experience, as well as the feelings and affinities: how Ernest Hemingway said , ” Never go on vacation with someone you don’t love .”

Another important aspect, correlated with the other aspects, is to avoid any form of stress and excessive commitment at the base, starting from the flight and from the comfort of the chosen structure, as sometimes we are tempted to save money by sacrificing the most important thing, the sacrosanct relaxation that we deserve during the days we have chosen for the holiday.

So let’s avoid, where possible, non-reassuring stopovers and hotels, try to get informed and try to use profitably and intelligently the wonderful tool that modernity has made available to us, namely the Web: we consult blogs and portals that talk about the places that we are interested, we read people’s reviews, we see if there are nearby the means of transport that can serve us, etc.

A nice holiday must be planned in time to save money, but in a precise and analytical way, leaving nothing to chance.

Better to crash a little earlier, and stress to organize, than stress during the trip!

by Abdullah Sam
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