Hinge . It is a fitting composed of two articulated pieces, joined together by an axis or a mechanism so that fixed to two elements, they allow the rotation of one with respect to the other. They are mainly used for doors and covers, but may have more applications. It is also called hinge (from the Latin gomphus , and this from the Greek γόμφος, nail, joint) or hinge (from the Latin perna , leg).


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  • 1 Construction materials
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    • 2 Piano Hinges
    • 3 Detachable Hinges
    • 4 Hinge or Hinge Hinges
    • 5 Double Action Hinges
    • 6 Hidden or invisible hinges
    • 7 Cup Hinges
      • 7.1 Types of cup hinges
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Construction materials

The variety of models on the market is huge and adapts in shape and size to its many uses. Manufacturing materials can be concentrated in two main groups:

  • Plastic
  • Metal : steel , zinc , brass , bronze , etc.


  • According to: Its degree of opening, which varies up to 180º, depending on the furniture for which it is intended.
  • Its degree of visibility, distinguishing invisible and barrel type.
  • Its placement system, differentiating the manual with screws and the automatic one that requires the use of machinery.
  • The most common for DIY are the following:

Piano Hinges

They are like those of a book but of very long length. In this way they become very strong hinges since they are held by a multitude of screws. They can be cut to size with sheet metal scissors or a metal saw.

Piano hinges

Detachable Hinges

They are hinges that are useful in applications where we want to disassemble the union without removing the screws. They have a pin that when removed removes the hinge. They can be disassembled and assembled as many times as we want.

Detachable hinges

Hinge or Leg Hinges

Door and window hinges are known as hinges. They are somewhat difficult to put on for a hobbyist since a pre-hole must be made where the plates of the frame and the edge of the door fit. The cajeado can be done manually with chisel or with a milling machine for hinges. It could also be done with a normal milling machine using specific accessories.

There are also hinge hinges for small doors (furniture, etc.). The system differs from the previous one , and have two screws of screw wood or metric thread for screwing for singing. In the case of metric threads, a recess nut must be installed first.

Hinge hinge

Double Action Hinges

They are hinges that are used on doors where we want a double opening. They are widely used on kitchen doors in restaurants. They freely open the door in both directions and the door always returns to its place (it closes by itself). Its installation is very simple, since it is only necessary to screw them to the frame and to the edge of the door.

Double action hinge

Hidden or invisible hinges

They are used when we want two boards to open like the sheets of a book. They have two fluted cylinders that are embedded in the edges of the boards, previously drilling holes of the appropriate diameter for the diameter of said cylinders.

Hidden hinge

Cup Hinges

They are the most used in all types of furniture and especially in kitchen furniture. They are invisible from outside the cabinet, close by themselves from a certain angle, are removable and are usually adjustable. As a drawback they have the relative difficulty of its assembly. They consist of two main parts, the bowl with the hinge itself and the support for the side of the cabinet. The bowl serves to store the spring when the hinge is closed.

Cup hinge

Types of bowl hinges

  • Straight hinge. It is the one that must be used when the door is outside the side of the cabinet.
  • Angled hinge. It is used when the door is intermediate to the side.
  • Super layered hinge. It is used when the door is interior.

Within these types there are them for different degrees of opening and with different diameters of the bowl. The most common are 26, 30 and 35 mm.


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