Who helped Jesus carry the cross?

Simon, a Cyrene, helped Jesus carry the cross. He was returning from the field when he was forced by Roman soldiers to carry the cross after Jesus ( Luke 23:26 ). The Bible no longer speaks of Simon.

Simon was from a city called Cyrene, which was in North Africa. He had two children: Alexander and Rufus ( Mark 15:21 ). The Bible gives no reason why Roman soldiers forced Simon to carry the cross. They probably caught someone close by, because Jesus was very weak because of the scourges he had received.

What can we learn from Simon?

Sometimes we are called to do things we don’t like. We don’t always have a choice but we may be helping someone. A cross was a heavy and difficult thing to carry. Simon was forced by the Roman oppressors to carry it, although he had no involvement in the situation. But he helped Jesus in his hour of greatest suffering. And that small act was recorded forever in the Bible. We must not overlook the boring and difficult tasks that seem to be of no value.

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Jesus also taught us that we must carry our cross to follow him ( Matthew 16:24 ). Simon was forced to follow Jesus but the Christian chooses to follow. This choice brings difficulties, but we must persevere to obtain victory.

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