What Is HDMI:How To Use HDMI

HDMI stands for  High-Definition Multimedia Interface ( Multimedia Interface High Resolution ), which is a digital conductive interface audio and video capable of transmitting uncompressed data.HDMI is a type of digital audio and video connector that replaces the old connectors used in DVD players, TVs and video monitors. It also provides  communication interface between any source of digital audio and video, such as Blu-ray , DVD player and computer.

What Is HDMI:How To Use HDMI

 The main differences between HDMI and DVI is that HDMI supports higher resolutions than DVI, the DVI ( Digital Visual Interface ) and its connector is much smaller than the DVI connector.The HDMI cable is the most popular because it has direct compatibility with DVI technology.

The HDMI connector is similar to the USB cable – developed in this way to facilitate the fit and use. Early on, two types of connectors were defined – HDMI type A and HDMI type B:

  • The Type A HDMI – has 19 pins – is the most common connector that meets the demand that the market demands, as well as has direct compatibility with DVI technology,
  • HDMI type B has been developed to offer better resolution quality. This connector works from the dual link system .

HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable is a data transmitter for high-resolution devices such as televisions, video games and computers. Its connector transmits top-quality video and audio in  PlayStation 3 and an LCD television.An important tip: before you start connecting your devices, it is advisable to turn them off.

HDMI 2.0

It was Introduced in the 2013  in Electronics Fair. HDMI 2.0 technology brings some changes that promise to make the image even better. With it, the supported resolution will be 4k or Ultra HD, with a rate of 50 or 60Hz frequency. Its predecessor, HDMI 1.4, even supports this standard, but with a frequency rate of only 25 Hz, which would be a problem in transmitting data to televisions with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels and future video games.

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