Hair Makeup;10 Ways You Can Do It

hat’s right, the cosmetics industry invented hair makeup .

Traditional makeup helps to enhance the strengths of the face and soften features that we intend to disguise, right? The same goes for hair makeup.

Some products available on the market are specific to disguise white threads without the need for permanent coloring or toning. And others disguise baldness.

Hair makeup is a good alternative when it comes to hiding a few white strands, touching up the dye, making locks and also disguising baldness.

Whether in the form of spray, lipstick or liquid eyeliner, these cosmetics help a lot. They are applied directly to the location you want to disguise.

They are usually applied to the scalp but, of course, can be used on the beard, mustaches or other areas of the body.

There are several hair makeup options available on the market. Below we list some of them, their advantages and disadvantages:


If the idea is to touch up the look at the root quickly and hide the white threads without spending precious hours of the day, the temporary spray may be the best solution.
For the disguise to be effective, the first step is to choose the product that is the exact shade or as close as possible to the one that is in the length of the strands – whether its natural color or not.
It is important not to overdo the dose too much.
For the makeup to be perfect, let the spray jet cover the root and, as soon as the hair turns the desired color, stop the application. This way the result will be more subtle, elegant and delicate in the visual.


The temporary spray comes off easily during the bath, which makes it very practical for those who are always in a hurry and do not have much time to take care of the locks.


One of the disadvantages of the temporary spray is that it can stain the scalp and, even if used very often, it can leave the hair with a “heavy” appearance or “dirty” appearance, just like with dry shampoo.


For those who are still unsure about using the spray, the market offers options in lipstick forms.
They follow the same line of products that offer quick and temporary solutions, the lipsticks for the threads are very cheap and easy to apply.


Retouch your root in a practical and safe way, it covers gray. It comes out with a simple wash.


The touch-up lipstick doesn’t stick very well to the strands. So, if you rub your hand or touch the pillow, it can get dirty.

Liquid eyeliner

The liquid eyeliner has a natural effect, with application similar to the eyeliner – but it is easy to remove, so use it on occasions that do not cause sweating.


The form of application is simple: just slide the brush along the entire length of the strands, until the paint covers all the hair you want to “make up”.


The liquid eyeliner comes out quickly, especially in places where you risk sweating, such as at a club or gym.


If you do not want to fall head first into dyes or toners, it is worth using a mascara to make up the white thread or that apparent root that begs for a touch up.


Retouch your dye in a practical and safe way. Covers the gray hair giving a luminous effect, ideal to space between one dye and another.

Unlike Spray , products such as  mascara  are more effective for spot corrections , when there is a strand or another to be covered. 


But so … washed, left!

When you wash your hair, that makeup goes away.


The binding of fibers to hair strands occurs by electrostatic attraction, since these particles are electrically charged. Thus, most of these products cannot be used by completely bald people, as they need wires to attach themselves.
The products can be used by men and women, with different shapes and colors of hair. The application is simple and can be done by the person himself.
The product comes out with a rinse, requiring reapplication after bathing or immersion in water. Some are more resistant to sweat or rain.


It has quick drying, provides shine and softness, is free of ammonia and peroxides and allows a natural appearance immediately.


It is not allowed to use appliances heated with electricity (board, dryer, etc.) while using the product.

Spray can stain clothing. Avoid removing them from the top while using the product.

Hair make-up rarely  causes severe allergies or other side effects.

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