The simple guide on how to stop urgent hair loss!

Falling hair, what to do?

Is your hair falling out a lot? The solution can often be simple. With small daily attitudes the situation can be alleviated or even remedied. Check out some precautions you can take to help stop urgent hair loss.

Avoid getting long periods without washing your hair

Excess sebum in the scalp directly influences the health of the scalp, favoring baldness. Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic disease that affects the hair roots and stimulates the excessive production of oil.

If you have a very oily scalp and want to stop urgent hair loss, you should wash it every day, not forgetting to use correct products for your hair type, preventing other problems from appearing due to the inappropriate use of shampoos or conditioners.

Avoid heat too close to the wires

Avoid touching the dryer to the hair strands. Overheating the root will damage the hair follicles, causing hair loss or other scalp problems. The ideal is to let it dry naturally, avoiding compromising the health of the locks.

Also take care of the temperature you use to dry your hair, the thinner and more fragile ones should be dried at a moderate temperature. When finished, pass a jet of cold air immediately afterwards to loosen the threads and seal the cuticles. This will help you to stop hair loss.

Take good care of your food

Poor diet is a major cause of hair loss. Crazy and restrictive diets can bring serious health problems as well. When you don’t eat all the nutrients you need, your body reacts. The lack of iron, for example, can be one of the causes of baldness.

Iron is essential to keep the strands strong. It is part of the formation of red blood cells that nourishes hair follicles, leaving hair firmer and shinier. Another common cause of hair loss is excess vitamin A in the body. Therefore, it is essential to observe your eating habits if you want to stop hair loss, this is one of the first steps.

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Avoid very hot water when washing the wires

The high temperature of the water removes the natural oil from the scalp and hair, causing hair loss. In addition, very hot water can also bring other problems such as seborrhea and irritations. The more you remove the natural oil, the more the body will want to replace that fat quickly.

Another factor is that the hot water sensitizes the threads, dilates the cuticle leaving them rough, dry and causing more tangling than normal. The tip to help stop urgent hair loss is to start washing with warm water, with an average temperature of 23 ° C and finish with cold water. This goes to align the cuticles that have been dilated.

Avoid using too many products

Using too many products on your hair is a bad thing. If you are not happy and want to change your look radically, take care and think carefully about the treatment you want to do. If you are going to relax with coloring, for example, choose paint without ammonia, which is less aggressive. Using more than two chemicals at once can destroy your hair, leaving it full of split ends. In this case, only the cut will be the solution.

Anything that is in excess is bad. Even using hair masks every day will make the hair look heavy and lifeless. If you want to stop urgent hair loss, be aware of the number of times you moisturize your hair, the ideal is to use masks only twice a week. Try to use products ideal for your hair type, which will replenish your needs and act directly on problems.

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Treat dandruff

Dandruff is one of the main causes of hair loss. It is an inflammatory disorder that occurs mainly in which you have oily scalp. so if you want to stop urgent hair loss, treat dandruff as soon as possible.

To end dandruff, the first step is to wash your hair every day so that the oil does not accumulate. If it still doesn’t work, look for an anti-dandruff shampoo. The most suitable for those based on zinc pyrithione, with antimicrobial action, eliminates bacteria and fungi. Combine with natural products containing chamomile and nasturtium, reduce flaking and excess oil.

If you still feel that dandruff has not improved, see a dermatologist and ask for an evaluation to indicate the best type of treatment for you.

Try to avoid stress

It is not just hair health that you should take care of, but the health of your mind as well. Stress is one of the causes of hair loss, as it unbalances the health of hair. The more moments of tension the worse. Have a more relaxed routine and look for a professional who will recommend the appropriate treatment to stop urgent hair loss.

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Pay attention to the signs

Did you notice that you have a lot of hair around the house, a bathroom drain and a brush? Is the fall of your hair too sharp? Do the test: separate your hair into large locks and run your fingers between the strands, from root to ends a few times. Count how many strands have fallen: if there are more than six strands in each strand, it is a sign that your hair is falling beyond normal.

Take more specific care on a daily basis

Some more specific care is essential for those who want to stop urgent hair loss. The first step is to have a more peaceful day to relieve stress. A good walk will help a lot. These simple everyday things directly influence hair loss.

If you have longer hair, avoid leaving it stuck every day and all day. This favors traction alopecia, one of the types of hair loss. A balanced diet, eating foods rich in vitamins, proteins, iron, among others will provide you with firm and strong hair.

Those who have the longest hair, especially women, have a habit of holding their hair very strong. This creates a tension between the root and the strands resulting in the hair fiber falling, weakening and loosening the scalp strands. Be careful when pinning your hair.

Sleeping with damp hair or in braids or buns causes problems with the leather and leads to hair loss. Chemical processes and heat tools exacerbate the problem, as they leave the hair fiber weakened and weak. And if you want to stop urgent hair loss, keep a routine of treatments like hydration, nutrition and reconstruction.

Avoid applying greasy products to the wires

The opaque and greasy appearance of the scalp is often unpleasant and uncomfortable. Those with oily hair should avoid products that contain any type of oil, such as argan. They are great products for dry hair only. Silicone and waste products are also not recommended. The ideal is to use specific products and apply conditioner only on the ends.

Keep your hair healthy

Washing your hair frequently is critical to maintaining healthy hair and preventing hair loss. The ideal is to wash on alternate days, avoiding wear and tear caused by excess water and the accumulation of dirt. Always prefer products specific to your hair type. The most sparkling shampoos are the best, as the foam acts as a magnet for grease and dirt particles.

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Hair loss, how to treat?

Before starting any treatment to stop urgent hair loss, you need to know the cause. Look for a dermatologist to do the tests that will diagnose the problem. Each cause has a different treatment. Check out the main indicated by doctors:

Dermatological treatments

The treatments are the most varied: they can be using topical or oral medications. It aims to stimulate growth and decrease the fall. The laser can also stimulate the birth or growth of the wires.

Treatments with topical remedies

    • Finasteride: has the function of blocking the action of DHT on the receptors of hair bulbs predisposed to baldness. It can be used orally or topically and the results appear in 6 to 8 months of treatment.
    • Minoxidil: acts directly avoiding flaws or baldness, restoring hair follicles. It has a vasodilator function interfering in the hair’s life cycle. The formula is natural.
    • Anthralin: has the function of promoting hair growth. It mainly revitalizes the areas of fall, failures or problems caused by androgenetic alopecia. It is a great option for those who do not know how to stop urgent hair loss.

Oral drug treatments

    • HL Blocker: aims to control male hormones by reducing the damage caused by baldness. It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that nourish the scalp and strengthen the hair.
    • L-Carnitine: stimulates hair growth by reducing apoptosis and increasing the proliferation of keratinocytes in the capillary matrix.
    • Pantogar: is one of the best known drugs to stimulate hair growth. It is also effective for those who want to stop urgent hair loss, as it strengthens the hair composition. It consists of keratin and cystine that nourish the hair from the root, avoiding split ends.

Treating hair with new market options

The technology also offers a way to treat hair loss, among the newest options on the market. There is a light therapy with powerful results. It does not hurt, it is not invasive and it is not thermal. Do you already know the treatment with LED light?

LED Light Treatment

LED light emits light particles capable of penetrating the skin and stimulating the production of cellular energy. It acts on the metabolism of hair bulb cells, increasing the growth time of the hair and promoting an increase in thickness and improvement of blood circulation. Do you want to understand better about LEDtherapy , its benefits and how it works? Then read the article capellux works .

Homemade treatment to stop urgent hair loss!

Did you know that there are several forms of hair loss treatment that can be done at home? They are excellent ways to make hair grow faster and optimize the treatment.

But you have to be aware that what has worked for your friend will not always work for you. Each case is different. Home treatments are natural and practical. They can be done anywhere and without spending a lot.

What natural treatments

Many hair loss treatments are expensive and time consuming. Instead, you can opt for natural ingredients, which are rich in properties that benefit both hair and scalp. These products make your hair more voluminous and silky.

There are countless ways to treat hair naturally. But it is no use using just once and thinking that this will solve your problem. They must be applied by at least 3 for the benefits to begin to appear. It is also worth emphasizing that these treatments are more effective for preventing hair loss than for treatment.

Coconut oil

Applying coconut oil to the hair promotes fiber pigmentation, prevents hair loss, stimulates growth and fights infections and inflammations of the epithelial tissue. This favors the strengthening of the hair and prevents falls. In addition, your hair is nourished.


Who has never heard that aloe vera, or aloe vera, is good for hair? The plant is a great solution for those who don’t know how to stop urgent hair loss anymore. In addition, it is excellent for combating several problems that make hair fall out.

Aloe vera cleanses hair follicles, eliminates scalp fat, regenerates and nourishes the hair, leaving hair soft, shiny and beautiful. There are no contraindications, we just recommend that you do a streak test on your hair to make sure that you are not allergic to any plant assets.

Almond oil

Almond oil benefits not only the body, but also the hair. these essential nutrients are used to reduce hair loss. They offer a multitude of health benefits to the hair and help to stop hair loss.

Fatty acids like omega-6, omega 3 and omega 9 are anti-inflammatory. Vitamin E also has an antioxidant function, essential for the health of the scalp. But be careful, do not apply the oil directly on the hair without rinsing afterwards, as it can leave it looking heavy and greasy. Use and then wash as normal.

Green tea

Green tea has several benefits for hair. It is rich in catechins, which makes your hair healthy and fall out. It also has a variety of nutrients such as enzymes, lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, sterols, polyphenols, vitamins and caffeine.

Green tea acts as an antioxidant and ensures that your hair is healthy and prevents hair loss. In addition, it can be a great ally to fight dandruff. The anti-inflammatory properties stimulate growth, in addition to destroying bacterial and fungal parasites that weaken the root.

In this article we talk a little about how to stop urgent hair loss. Several daily attitudes make you keep your hair healthy and free from problems that lead to hair loss. Some simple and homemade treatments can also help you get rid of the problem.

In addition, technology has a great ally to treat baldness. LED light treatments can be done at home and do not need medical attention, just a diagnosis is needed to know the real cause of the fall.

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