Best Hair Care Procedure of Patient In Nursing Job

Hair Care Procedure of a patient seems to be a purely personal hygiene, but for a hospitalized patient it is part of nursing job. A fully conscious patient in perfectly walkable condition and with normally function heads can take care of his own hair. But it becomes essential nursing care when the patient is unconscious or semiconscious otherwise unable to take care of his hair.


  • To provide an aesthetic sense for patient and for attending persons and neighbouring patient.
  • To keep hair clean and dry.
  • To accelerate blood circulation to hair roots over scalp.
  • To clean hair after application of drugs for removal.


Two separate jug for cold and hot water.  Soap. basin. Bucket for collection of dirty water. 5. Two mackintoshes.Wash cloth to protect eyes.  Cotton to plug ears from entry of dirty water. Oil, comb and brush.  Two towels.  blanket. 11. Small jug or mug to pour water over hair. 12. tray and paper bag.  Lotion thermometer if available. water bottle in winter filled with hot water.

  • Keep all items ready on bedside table.
  • Inform the patient about the procedure.
  • Assist the patient to take comfortable position may be sitting or lying as the case may be.
  • Place mackintosh under patient’s shoulder keeping the head down.. Mackintosh should form a tough to carry dirty water into bucket.
  • Plug patients both ears with cotton.
  • Place the washed cloth over patient’s eyes to prevent contact of dirty water which causes irritation to eyes and is a avoida­ble discomfort.
  • Mix hot and cold water to 42 to 42°C~ Lukewarm water) and pour slowly over scalp to wet the hair.
  • Apply soap or soap solution and massage to scalp and wash the hair.
  • Rinse the hair thoroughly on repeated by, and wipe the scalp with towel and dry the hair.
  • Clean the comb and brush.
  • Apply oil or if required as per wishes of patient.
  • Comb hair gently starting at the ends going upward towards head, leave the patient comfortable and tidy.
  • Keep the equipments tidy and in proper place.
  • Record the procedure in chart with date and time.
  • Intimate to the senior staff or to concerned doctor in charge if any abnormality noticed during the procedure over scalp or hair.
  • In a heart patient in intensive care unit more care should be taken to avoid more exertion to patient.
  • Normally hair wash should be done once a week.

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