How To Prevent Pressure Ulcers In nursing Homes Resident

How To Prevent Pressure Ulcers in nursing Homes Resident is very important topic.Prevention of pressure sore is one essential part of nursing. The principle is to promote supply of oxygen to the vulnerable area.The use of ripple mattresses, and wet beds can cause pressure areas.


  • To refresh patient and relieve fatigue.
  • To improve blood circulation to the area, therapy by p*C ding oxygen to tissue for normal vitality. So that pressure sores are not likely to develop.
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  • To prevent hypostatic complications of lungs.
  • To observe conditions of pressure areas.


  1. Spirit or 50 per cent alcohol. 2. Talc-powder. 3. Towel.
  • Bed side screen. 5. Bowl with warm water.

How To Prevent Pressure Ulcers in nursing Homes Resident Procedure And Treatment

  • The patient is informed about the procedure if conscious.
  • Put the bed side screen if in general ward or close doors if in single room.
  • Lower head unless contraindicated as in Fowler’s position.
  • Unfasten binders, if any.
  • Turn the patient to his side.
  • Turn back top bedding to expose back.
  • Untie gown and turn edges away from back.
  • Spread towel close to the patient’s back to protect foundation of bed.
  • Wash back thoroughly with soap.
  • Lather soap in hands and message back or placing the palms of hands with the fingers together on the lumbo-sacral area at patient’s back.
  • Run hands firmly and slowly up the back on either side of vertebral column, up the neck and down across the shoul­ders.
  • Repeat this gently with pressure varying depending on patients condition.
  • Wash with soap and wipe and dry with towel.
  • Apply some spirit to skin area of back.
  • Rub the spirit on back and allow to evaporate rather than wiping off. Evaporation causes cooling effect on skin and provides a refreshing effect to patient.
  • Apply talc powder over the area. The powder is rubbed thoroughly.
  • Massage powder over pressure areas like small of back, back of neck and other pressure points with special attention to sacrococcygeal area as this area is vulnerable to pressure sore.
  • Remove towel and keep it in locker.
  • Fasten gown or trouser or dhoti as the case may be.
  • Cover the patient with top bedding.
  • Remove the screen and clean all equipments used.
  • Keep all other item* in its proper place.
  • Record the procedure in the chart of the patient with time.
  • Intimate to doctor in charge regarding condition of area.
  • The condition of patient determines the frequency of attention to be put for pressure care.

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