Hachimaki . Japanese band used in martial arts and is shown as a symbol of the perseverance and the will of the band bearer for success.


It is a word composed of hachi (forehead) and maki (ribbon), since the ribbon covers the forehead, which is where some symbol or word related to the perseverance and the will to success of the ribbon bearer is usually displayed.


During World War II , Japanese pilots placed the hachimaki with the symbol of the rising sun on their foreheads, according to their beliefs, to be protected from evil spirits and, at the same time, instilled in them the necessary courage to be able to undertake their missions successfully.

However, it is not only the military who use hachimaki. Students, workers and women also employ the famous gang to give them the strength to pass an exam, a task or a birth. In addition to its spiritual role, the hachimaki also fulfills a more functional task, as it serves to absorb sweat when performing a task.


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