Guide on how to grow hair faster

Long hair never goes out of style. They transmit health, beauty, confidence and sensuality like no one else and, for this, they must always be well taken care of. Making hair grow faster, with strong, healthy and thicker strands, becomes the goal of all women who dream of perfect hair and even men who like to keep their hair looking good.

What to do to grow hair?

The secret to achieving the desired length of the hair is to follow a care routine and respect each stage of growth and its particularities. Like us, hair also needs time, care, nutrition, care and a certain space to develop strong and healthy.

Hair follows a growth cycle. They slow down and stop at a specific point until the wire falls. Both in men and women, the hair strands follow this rigorous growth cycle, which is divided into three phases:

  • Anagen phase: it is the phase of birth and growth of the hair strand. At this stage, the hair grows about 1 cm per month for long periods, which can vary from three to six years.
  • Catagen phase: growth slows down here, the wire weakens and begins to die. It can take up to three weeks to complete.
  • Telogen phase: the final three months of a hair. The old thread is pushed by the newer thread, in the anagen phase, to give rise to a new growth cycle.

Generally, about 90% of our hair strands are in the anagen phase. This means that they are still growing and that they can be restored and fortified, so that they reach the end of the cycle, ensuring that they stay in increasingly larger sizes.

What is the ideal treatment to grow hair?

Before thinking about the ideal treatment to make hair grow faster, it is necessary to evaluate some issues such as poor diet, scalp or autoimmune diseases and the chemicals that are applied to the hair. The breaking of the wires before the time is always triggered by a determining factor, which will interfere a lot in the way you will need to adapt your care routine.

In some people, poor nutrition causes the hair to weaken. By balancing the diet and consuming the right foods , it is possible to reverse the case and obtain stronger hair. In other cases, diseases of the scalp or of endocrine origin , can weaken the entire structure of the hair and make it brittle. In these cases, the ideal is to adopt auxiliary treatments to stimulate growth.

In the case of constant use of chemicals, intensive care is necessary in the daily routine, so that the wires support the entire load of products you receive. In addition, it is important to note whether the chemistry used is ideal for the wire structure, so that there is no dreaded “chemical cut”.

Home Treatments

Anyone who suffers from weaker and brittle hair knows how expensive cosmetics are and difficult to find. Homemade alternatives become a viable, easy and super cheap option because most of the ingredients are already at home and can be made at that free time.

 Wash your hair in cold water: it looks silly, but it makes all the difference to the strands! Cold water helps to reduce the stress of the sebaceous glands on the scalp, which reduces the oiliness produced. Having less oily hair means washing your hair less often, decreasing the chemical load that comes from shampoo and conditioner and preventing drying of the ends.

√  Coconut oil: very different from other oils, coconut oil penetrates deeply into the hair strands, conditioning each one completely and returning moisture. It is excellent for those who like to moisturize the hair more often, as it does not leave residues that can accumulate along the hair or on the scalp. In addition, it has a load of essential nutrients that make hair grow, such as vitamin E, K, iron and some natural antioxidants.

√  Olive Oil: Extra virgin olive oil is usually on the table at mealtimes. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it has numerous health benefits, including for those who want to grow their hair! Applying olive oil directly to the hair, both for treatment and moisturizing, as for finishing, can make all the difference in hydration and hair growth.

√  Coconut milk: in addition to leaving a wonderful aroma in the hair, coconut milk is rich in phosphorus, zinc, manganese, iron, sugar and B vitamins, vitamin C, E and lauric acid. Soaking the hair in coconut milk, helps in regeneration, hydration, moisturizing and leaves the hair strong, so that the hair grows free of impediments.

√  Egg white: an inexhaustible source of protein, egg white is an excellent ingredient for making a hair mask. It can be applied alone, directly on the hair or mixed with some other ingredient such as: whole milk, coconut oil and even butter! The wires absorb all the nutrients found in these foods, becoming stronger and healthier and making your hair bigger and more beautiful.

LEDTherapy to grow hair

In some cases, just improving your diet or maintaining a routine to care for your hair is not enough. The problem may be coming from the root of the hair, weakening the strands from the first centimeters.

LED light treatments show their effectiveness in treating the scalp, eliminating bacteria and inflammatory processes and also stimulating the production of collagen, which strengthens the hair root.

The red LED light has multiple benefits, such as bio regeneration, which stimulates hair to grow and makes the hairs healthier. It can be used by all ages, without contraindications.

Vitamins for hair growth

In addition to all the daily hair care and alternative treatments, it is important to recognize the need to replace some essential vitamins for the hair.

It is necessary to ensure that all will be on the menu. Observe if these vitamins are found in products such as shampoo, conditioner and hair creams. Thus, you can guarantee total efficiency in absorbing nutrients.

Vitamin C

It acts as a natural antioxidant, preventing hair loss and keeps the natural color more vivid. This is because vitamin C ensures increased blood circulation in the scalp, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to all the hair.

You can find vitamin C in foods like:

  • orange;
  • lemon;
  • Strawberry;
  • broccoli;

But you can also find it in the composition of hair products.

Complex B vitamins

One of the most talked about vitamins for making hair grow is Biotin or vitamin B7. It contributes to healthy hair growth and hair restructuring and its deficiency is very rare.

However, replacing Biotin in the hair structure manually can make all the difference for your hair. Always try to use cosmetics that have vitamin B7 in the composition.

The other B vitamins are responsible for collaborating in the production of red blood cells, which contributes to oxygenation and nutrition of the cells of the scalp. You find all the B vitamins in our daily foods like:

  • fish;
  • grains;
  • meat;
  • dark leaves.

D vitamin

Vitamin D is directly linked to the production of new hair strands. The presence of this vitamin in the blood, ensures that the body is able to transform the pores into new, healthier hair follicles, so that the strands are born thicker and stronger.

Vitamin D is obtained through sunlight, through daily exposure, at certain times of the day. In some cases, it is necessary to replace or reinforce vitamin D in the body through supplements and products that contain it in the composition.

Vitamin E

Also known as Tocopherol, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, prevents cells from premature aging and consequently early hair loss. Proven vitamin E supplementation or the consumption of foods containing it has been proven to improve the appearance of hair and prevent hair loss, reducing the premature death of the hair by up to 38%.

Vitamin E can be found in sunflower oil, spinach and avocado, which can be ingested or applied directly on the wire, in the form of a mask.


Iron is an important nutrient for the body. He is responsible for keeping the blood carrying nutrients. Deficiency of iron in the blood, known as anemia, can lead to weakening and thinning of the hair.

Anemia is more common among women, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding and prevents hair from growing, but it can be prevented easily with proper nutrition or supplementation. Once the iron level is ideal for the body, the hair will tend to become stronger and healthier.


The hair is composed of protein … A lot of protein. During the growth process, the hair, even if healthy, can lose a good part of this nutrient and it is up to us to take care to replace everything correctly.

The consumption of proteins, in the correct way, is ideal for making hair grow but replacing proteins in older hair is also important.

So use and abuse the natural masks made of milk and egg. They replenish lost hair proteins, while your well-nourished body does everything else. You can also search for products that have proteins in their composition.

Foods to help hair grow

The main foods that help hair grow are:

  • bean;
  • salmon;
  • spinach;
  • avocado;
  • yellow pepper;
  • almonds;
  • soybeans or lentils.

The ideal is that there is the monitoring of a dermatologist and a nutritionist. Only they can correctly tell you what you need to eat and how often, to nourish your body and make your hair grow faster.

Taking care of hair so that it can grow strong and healthy is not an easy task. It requires commitment, discipline and a certain re-education in daily eating habits and personal care, but nothing too impossible.

The Capellux offers the best hair treatment with LED light, but also recognizes that health care as a whole. Here, you will find tips that can change much more than your hair. Always keep your health up to date and see incredible results!

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