Guide and Tricks Cafeland Restaurant Game

Welcome to our Guide and Tricks Cafeland Restaurant Game, the Gamegos game for Android and iOS mobiles, in which you will have to cook dishes for your customers and expand your restaurant.

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  • 1Guide and Tips Cafeland – Cooking a Dish
    • 1Master dishes
    • 2Sauces
  • 2Guide and Tips Cafeland – Facilities
  • 3Guide and Tips Cafeland – Happy Customers
    • 1What are the green and red faces?
  • 4Guide and Tricks Cafeland – Coins and money
  • 5Guide and Tips Cafeland – Expand
    • 1How to level up?

Cafeland Guide and Tricks – Cook a Dish

Let’s start with the basics. To cook a dish you need your initial oven to be clean, you can add more ovens and decide if you cook the same or vary the dishes. Then decide what you are going to cook (it costs a number of coins depending on the dish) and finally wait for the time it takes to cook (the time also depends on the dish. Although until you click on the food, it will not be served to your customers

Master Dishes

Master Dishes give you more money and experience, so you should master them. And to get a master dish you basically have to repeat the dish over and over again until your employees master cooking it.


You can cook different sauces of the objects that your clients will leave (we will explain later). The fact is that with sauces you can speed up cooking times or sell a dish for more money.

Guide and Tips Cafeland – Facilities

We don’t have to tell you that you have to buy more ovens, kitchen equipment and improve it, but be careful.

The facilities help, but if you want to have a 5-star restaurant you cannot saturate it and you have to keep empty spaces so that the customers feel comfortable.

Cafeland Guide and Tips – Happy Customers

Customers are your source of direct income, but also indirect, their recommendations will make the restaurant more or less full, and for this:

  • Clean up clutter from tables and floors
  • Collect the tips that will be left on the tables.

What are the green and red faces?

  • Green faces: They are happy, click on them to collect coins, experience points and objects for special sauces
  • Red faces: They are dissatisfied, but they will give you clues as to what you need to improve.

Guide and Tips Cafeland – Coins and money

  • Coins: With them you can decorate your cafe, improve it, expand it, etc. So get them by having your clientele happy and also completing the achievements or turning the Lucky Chef (every 12 hours)
  • Money: It is the premium currency, and it is used to accelerate dishes or to buy coins. You can get it by leveling up or also by completing some achievements.

Guide and Tips Cafeland – Expand

It will be something that you will discover by necessity, since it will allow you to have more customers, ovens, counters, vending machines, but it requires a minimum of coins and level.

How to level up?

You need it to expand, earn money, unlock facilities and challenges, and generally to improve your restaurant

To level up faster, go for Master Plates.

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