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We put together the best tips and tricks for newbie players who are starting to play GTA Online. Find out what to do, what to buy first, how to progress and much more with our help.Since 2013, GTA Online has not stopped growing and growing. Today jumping into this tremendous multiplayer world can overwhelm more than one beginner player, but don’t worry, at Vandal we have prepared the following content with which we want to guide you in your first steps through Los Santos.

Here you will find a series of tips, tricks and recommendations to consider for newbies who have just arrived at GTA Online or are thinking about starting their game.


  1. How to get started in GTA Online?
  2. Play the GTA Online tutorial
  3. What to do in GTA Online?
  4. How to recover health, armor and ammunition?
  5. How to earn money quickly?
  6. Keep your money safe
  7. What to buy first?
  8. How to prevent other players from hurting you?
  9. Spin the wheel of fortune
  10. Watch out for temporary events


How to get started in GTA Online?

First of all, if you are wondering how to get started in GTA Online , you should know that this GTA V multiplayer mode is available almost from the first moment. In fact, to be able to access it, you must overcome the mission of the Prologue of the single player mode of GTA V.

This mission is mandatory if you want to access GTA Online. Once this is done (it only takes a few minutes), you can start playing GTA Online if you want.

  • To do this, press the Start button, this will open the main pause menu.
  • Now go to the tab called GTA Online.
  • From here you can directly access a quick session by clicking on ‘Play GTA Online’.
  • Although it would be best if you create your firstOnline character from the ‘Choose character’ tab.

Upon entering the character creation tab, the game will allow you to create your avatar in Online mode. You can customize a number of physical characteristics and even initial abilities. Keep in mind that the physique is forever, so choose wisely (later the clothes, tattoos and others you can modify them).

Remember that you can create more than one character to play GTA Online. While playing the individual mode, from the character selection wheel, your most recent Online avatar will always be located at the bottom to enter directly online if you wish, although it can also be done from the aforementioned menu tab.

Play the GTA Online tutorial

An important step for beginners that you should not skip is the GTA Online tutorial . Right after creating your first character the game will give you the option to perform or skip it. We recommend that you do it , since this way you will be able to play a couple of missions that Lamar offers you.

  • The tutorial will be greatfor you to play a racing-type mission, choose your first car, and another of the shooting and robbery type.
  • Also in this process you will earn some extra money and RPto raise the level of your character.

The good thing is that by accepting this tutorial the game will continue little by little explaining mechanics and unlocking more content progressively; such as going to buy weapons, snacks or rob a store, so you will always have something new to do and you will never feel lost. In addition, some players have experienced problems receiving certain missions for skipping the tutorial , yet another reason to do so.

What to do in GTA Online?

At its core, this multiplayer side of GTA V is as sandboxed as the singleplayer campaign itself. After completing the tutorial you have at your disposal a lot of activities , tasks, missions and more, which you can tackle however you want at your own pace (and with the company of friends ). Little by little you will get comfortable, do not stress.

You may wonder at first what you should do. Some good activities to complete in your first hours online are the following:

  • Open your mobile phone and select activity list to findrecent missions that other characters have invited you to.
  • Steal vehiclesto give to Simeon if they are on his list or take them to Los Santos Customs.
  • You can also open the pause menu and from the Online tab select a specific type of activity.

Performing missions at the beginning will be great for you to earn RP and level up and thus unlock more characters and Online options.

How to recover health, armor and ammo?

It is possible that at first you are somewhat out of place and do not know how to recover health, armor or ammunition ; vital aspects when playing. Don’t worry, you can do the following:

  • To recover health:buy snacks in the vending machines that you see around the world or go to stores to buy them and store them in your inventory. When you eat these foods your character will regain his green life bar.
  • To recover armor: youneed to buy bulletproof vests from any AmmuNation store.
  • To recover ammunition:you must buy it in AmmuNation stores or you can also buy it from the Inventory menu (although there is a charge added to its cost because it is a more convenient and direct option).

How to earn money quickly?

One of the central goals of the GTA Online experience is, of course, to amass a large amount of money that allows us to buy all kinds of things. In our guide we have an entry dedicated to the best tips to earn money quickly . We advise you to take a look at it.

Having our character’s bank account well filled with money is important. In short , by doing the following you can earn a lot of GTA $ dollars :

  • Complete missions:all will give you some money, and the more you progress, the better your benefits.
  • Do survival missions: theyare for four participants and in about 30 minutes you will earn a lot of money.
  • Carry out robberies:to different stores such as gas stations and supermarkets. It will give you around $ 1,000 and it’s great to get started.
  • Steal and sell cars:at Los Santos Custom; it’s one of the best ways to earn money ( see the full list of GTA V vehicles here ).
  • Carry out big hits :although they are missions designed for several players of a high level, you earn a large sum of money for them.
  • Collect Collectibles –There are hundreds all over the map and most bring in quite a bit of money if you complete them 100%.

You can also buy Shark Cards to get money much faster, although here already comes into play how willing you are to pay real money to progress.

Keep your money safe

There is an important detail to emphasize in GTA Online. Your money can end up in the hands of others . If you’ve been getting money from stealing and so forth, you should immediately save your savings in a banking service.

  • Go to any ATM in Los Santos(they are available in many different places, at any time).
  • Deposit your moneyso you can’t lose it if you die.
  • It is also possible to access the bank accountto manage your money from your mobile phone by accessing the web .

What to buy first?

The first thing you should be spending your money on in GTA Online is buying a luxury apartment (aside from some decent guns and ammo, of course). This means buying a small apartment that you can live in and that has a garage for at least 10 vehicles .

Why do we recommend this to you? Because this way you can have a small base of operations , you will unlock access to hits and you will have space for your main cars. It is better to save a little and buy one of these apartments first, rather than spend the money on a small garage for a couple of vehicles.

  • To buy an apartment remember to open your mobile phone.
  • Enter the Internet menu.
  • Now open the Money and servicestab .
  • Select Dynasty 8 Real Estate.
  • Search the page for the high-end apartmentthat you like the most or the one you can afford and buy it (you will have to be at least level 5 or higher to make this type of acquisitions).

Later other properties where you can spend your money very useful will be the Executive Office of the Maze Bank or the Redneck Bunker , but for starters, focus on getting an apartment.

How to prevent other players from hurting you?

You have to be honest, surely many times it will happen to you that you just want to play quietly and enjoy exploration or activities without being disturbed , and then another online player will appear wanting to touch your nose. Getting killed at the wrong time is not cool.

Luckily, there is an option to avoid this and that other online players cannot harm us. To activate passive mode follow these steps:

  • Open the Interaction menu(default M key on PC, long press on PS4 touchpad or Xbox view button).
  • Scroll to the bottom.
  • You will find an option called “Activate passive mode”.
  • Select this option.

Ready, by doing this the other players in the session will not be able to damage you . Not you to them. In fact, this option does not allow you to equip weapons , so it may conflict with some activities you want to do. In the latter case, you can always report a player who annoys you a lot or look for a new session where they are friendlier.

Spin the wheel of fortune

In the world of GTA Online there is a wheel of fortune that is located in The Diamond Casino & Resort , in the casino area. Specifically, you can find it if you go to Vinewood Este , in the city of Los Santos. It is on the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Vinewood Boulevard.

  • This wheel of fortune can be spun for free once every day.
  • Among its many prizesyou can win a vehicle, GTA dollars, RP, clothing and much more.
  • It is an interesting detail to take into account to do on a daily basis.

Attentive to temporary events

With everything mentioned so far , you already have more than enough to get to know the game and progress. We can only wish you good luck and remind you to pay attention to the temporary events and activities that Rockstar adds often. You can keep up to date with the news in this official link .

Don’t miss out, as these limited-time events tend to offer far more rewards and benefits than usual , so try participating in them to earn more money, reputation, and more.

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