How to earn infinite money in GTA 5?

Here you will find the best ways to earn infinite money in GTA 5 for PS4, PS3, Xbox and PC by taking advantage of game bugs and performing certain actions.

Olga Cid ·11:04 7/6/2021

Unlike other titles in the series in Grand Theft Auto V, there are no keys to making money instantly, but there are ways to get money quickly by taking advantage of game errors and performing a series of actions and missions that we will detail below:

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Location of Submerged Money Briefcases

You can only do this trick if you haven’t updated the game. We will simply have to go to the locations shown in the video below. Once this coordinate is reached, we must dive until we find a series of briefcases, when we collect them, we immediately change to any other character and then we change again to the character that we have underwater. If we have done well, the briefcase will be there again with the money, so if the process is repeated we will earn unlimited money. Anyway, even if the trick is not performed , if we collect all the briefcases, we can get up to $ 150,000 at once.

If you have problems with English, here is the translation

$ 12,000 Briefcase : West of Paleto Bay in the plane crash, in the tail

$ 8,000 briefcase : in the submerged rubble of the coast of Monte Gordo

Briefcase with $ 10,000 : on the east coast of the San Chianski Mountain Range inside a sunken trailer.

$ 12,500 Briefcase : On the west coast of the Fort Zancudo military base inside a sunken plane

Briefcase with $ 9,000 : Just south of the location of the previous briefcase on the deck of a sunken fishing boat.

$ 25,000 Briefcase : Northwest of the Harbor Fair, on the deck of a large sunken ship.

$ 20,000 Briefcase : On a large submerged cargo ship, off the east coast of the Office of Homeland Security, NOOSE

Briefcase with $ 12,000 : South of the previous location in what appears to be an antique steamboat.

Briefcase with $ 7,500 : North of the port of Los Santos, in the middle of the canal.

Briefcase with $ 16,500 : East of the previous location, near a small island, under the right wing of the tail of an airplane.

Briefcase with $ 11,000 : South of the southern port of Los Santos on the floor of a shipwreck.

Briefcase with $ 25,000 : In the camp of the altruist cult, the only one of these briefcases that is on the ground.

Here is the video showing how to glitch or cheat:

Location of the 50 nuclear remains, $ 23,000 each.


  • Purchase the Sonar Search Dock, southwest of Paleto Bay, available after completing the main quest “Heist Merryweather.” It costs about $ 250,000, but when you reach the 11th waste you will have amortized the investment.
  • Once purchased, you will get the submarine and the Trackify mobile app, which will locate the nearest barrel.
  • Go ahead and collect all those polluting barrels, you can find their location here

Theft of armored vans

When driving, you will see blue dots on the map, indicating armored cars. Try shooting the driver with a briefcase before he gets into the vehicle to get the money quickly ($ 5,000). If you have trouble trying to open one of these cars, go to the water and the doors will open.

Get $ 100,000 by returning a bike

While playing Franklin in free mode and circling near his house, a mission will appear as a blue symbol on the map. If you investigate the sign, it could be a boy who has lost his bike.

If you help him and give it to him, later he will send you a message saying that he has become a millionaire and that he is giving you $ 100,000 in shares for having helped him, sell those shares quickly to get $ 100,000 since they can go down and if not … you may lose all the money!

Note: apparently this random event also appears if you play with Trevor and Michael, but it has a better chance of being unlocked if you play with Franklin.

Make money investing in the stock market

In GTA 5 there is a complex investment system in the stock market , to get easy money on the stock market, invest in a company and attack your competition. When you do something in GTA V that affects a business, like rob a bank or destroy an airplane, your stock price will go down depending on the damage done. For example, it buys shares in AirEmu and shoots FlyUS planes.

Another option is to buy when they are low. In that case, first shoot a company’s planes, the shares will go down, buy them at a good price, and then destroy your competition’s planes, making your shares rise. The same can be done with Ron Oil or LTD Oil or also, for example if you buy shares of AugeryInsurance (AUG) and destroy cars, their price will rise.

Lastly, remember that when a mission includes destroying a company’s business or reputation, be sure to buy shares in the competition.

To make things easier for you, we show you the relationship between the different companies in GTA 5 and so, depending on what you do, you know how their values ​​will fluctuate and you can take advantage of it to make a profit.

Companies and their competition

Bilkington – Dollar Pills
Burgershot – Up-An-Atom
Clucking Bell – TacoBomb
Cool Beans – Bean Machine
ECola – Raine
FlyUS – AirEmu
GoPostal – PostOP
MazeBank – BankOfLiberty
Pisswasser – Logger
RadioLosSantos – WorldwideFM
Redwood – Debonaire
Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter – Bullhead

Lester missions

There are some missions in Michael, Franklin and Trevor’s adventure that are especially conducive to investing in the stock market and making money. This is the case with Lester’s mission. During the five assignments that Michael’s friend gives us, we can buy shares in a company and sell them to earn money quickly and without raising suspicions.

Before starting each of the five missions that Lester proposes, we must invest in the following companies to get fresh money.

  • First mission:Take the opportunity for all the characters to get shares of Betta Pharmaceuticals in BAWSAQ and sell them at the end of the mission to get a profit of 50%
  • Second mission:Buy Debonaire Tobacco shares in LCN and, at the end of the mission, sell them for an 80% economic return. But, do not go yet, since the shares of the competition will have been devalued, take the opportunity to invest in Redwood and later obtain a profit of 300%.
  • Mission 3:Spend your money buying iFruit shares at BAWSAQ and then invest in Facade.
  • Fourth mission:Invest in Vapid Motor Company at BAWSAQ and then look at a company that has suffered a significant downturn to get hold of their shares.
  • Fifth mission:Buy shares of Gold Coast Developments in LCN to obtain a profit of 80% with its subsequent sale.

Save Sonny’s daughter to win 60,000

Like the boy on the bike, this is also a random event. In order for us to appear we must go north of Paleto Bay, specifically to the location of the following image:

There we will find a girl who is about to be murdered by her kidnappers, if we save her later, we will receive a notification saying that we have been rewarded with $ 60,000 since the girl was the daughter of the mobster “Sammy Bottino” or Sonny for the friends.

Sell ​​cars and earn money

The missions of the GTA V campaign mode do not offer great economic rewards and hence it is necessary to rob banks, invest in the stock market, do little tricks … Another good way to earn money in the RockStar game is with the sale of cars . Throughout Los Santos and its nearby locations, you can access many vehicles , some will give you more benefits than others in their sale, but what you always have to ensure is that they arrive without any scratch at the Los Santos Customs workshop.

List of cars and the money you can get

Zirconium Stratum 1000 $
Albany Washington 1500 $
Imponte Phoenix 2000 $
Maibatsu Penumbra 2400 $
Karin Asterope 2500 $
Weeny Issi 2800 $
Bravado Gresley 2900 $
Declasse Tornado 3000 $
Canis Seminole 3000 $
Vapid Dominator 3500 $
Bravado Buffalo 3500 $
Declasse Granger 3500 $
Schyster Fusilade $ 3,600
Cheval Surge $ 3,800
Dundreary Landstalker $ 5,000
Fathom FQ2 $ 5,000
Mammoth Patriot $ 5,000

Ocelot Jackal $ 6,000
Ubermacht Zion Cabrio $ 6,500
Benefactor Dubsta $ 7,000
Albany Cavalcade $ 7,000
Ocelot F620 $ 8,000
Ubermacht Oracle $ 8,000
Benefactor Schwartzer $ 8,000
Obey Rocoto $ 8,500
Lampadati Felon $ 9,000
Gallivanyter Baller $ 9,000
Lampadati Felon GT 9,500

Buy a business

If you want, you don’t have to rob all the GTA V stores that you come across along the way, you can also buy a business to get long-term profits . At first, it will cost you a substantial sum of money, but it will be worth it because you will not only recoup the investment, but also make a profit without lifting a finger.


If you like cars and racing games, this is another good way to earn money in Grand Theft Auto 5 . Steal or buy a car and rush into the competition. A simple and fun way to earn money. The most recommended for racing are for example sports or supers .

Remember that there are many other ways to earn infinite money in GTA V , but these are the ones that in our opinion are the best and the most effective.

Shoplifting, ATM and Glitch thefts in Ammu-Nation

As we know that you are honest and you are not going to use this way to get money, we will tell you:

In GTA 5 it is forbidden to take out weapons in stores, but if you leave a door ajar blocking it with a car, a motorcycle or simply hold the door with your hand from the street, you can shoot the shop assistants and later at the cash registers thus achieving all the loot from the store.

There is also a glitch that occurs in Ammu-nation stores in which if you do the same thing, steal the money, walk out the door and walk around the door a couple of times, you will hear an electrical noise indicating that the cash registers They have dropped the money again, so if you go back into the store, you will find the bags of banknotes on the floor again. Hurry up to try this trick, because they will surely correct it.

Finally, if you really have no soul, you can also follow a poor citizen who is going to get money from an ATM and when he has withdrawn the cash, kill him for all his profits.

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