How to grow the bell pepper

Today we will talk about what is and how Padrón pepper is grown,  a Galician variety from the municipality of “Padrón”.

It is a pepper highly prized for its high gastronomic value as a fried pepper in garnish to accompany potatoes, meat and fish. Have you never tried them? We recommend it!

It is a variety of pepper of small fruits, triangular in shape and very fine meat.

The plant is very productive, has a semi-early crop and is medium in size .

Padron Pepper Cultivation


Sowing is carried out from January to May in a protected seedbed to transplant the plant to its definitive place of cultivation (orchard in the field, cultivation tables, pots …) when the plant has 5 to 6 true leaves.

If the sowing is done at the beginning of the year, a small pot must be chipped before the definitive transplant is performed, which is done when the good weather and high temperatures arrive.

But, wait … if you don’t have Padrón Pepper seeds, how are you going to grow them?

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If you cultivate in the garden, the land has to be fertile, well worked and aerated, it must have a good drainage to avoid waterlogging and before sowing you have to make a good background fertilizer with manure or earthworm humus.

If the sowing is carried out in an orchard in containers, the substrate must have good aeration and good drainage nutrients .


The irrigation that Padrón pepper cultivation requires is a frequent irrigation without being too abundant and always avoiding the flooding that can cause fungus-related diseases.

Remember that if the cultivation is carried out in containers the irrigation has to be much more frequent practically every day providing water without excesses.

Harvest time

Collection begins in the month of June. If we leave the fruit in the bush for too long, the pepper becomes spicy.

Do you like spicy Padrón Peppers?

If we don’t like Padrón hot peppers, they will have to be collected before they reach a size greater than 4 centimeters.


Attention that must be had with the cultivation of the Padrón Pepper

Most common pests in the cultivation of Padrón Pepper:

Insect pests such as aphids  the  red spider mites and  whiteflies  are the most common in cultivation.

To prevent and combat its appearance on the ground have to apply  insecticides ecological  as potassium soap ,  the purin nettle and  preparations neem .

Do you know what is the most common disease in this crop?

The most important disease in cultivation is  Mildiu . 

It appears when watering is done too much by wetting the aerial part of the plant and flooding the crop. To prevent it from appearing, perform preventive treatments with horsetail . 


To carry out your cultivation successfully it is important to make good associations , the most indicated are:

Basil (prevents harmful insects from attacking the plant) Other good partners would be garlic, onions, lettuce, radishes and carrots.

Never associate it with cucumber or potato crops.

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