Grisbi is a personal accounting application for GNU / Linux , Windows , Mac OS X developed under the GPL license . Your expenses and income under control.


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It is simple and intuitive that it can be used from the first moment it is run. Despite its simplicity, you can configure Grisbi to be very powerful and you can get the most out of it.


It has tools to keep track of transactions in one or more bank accounts, as well as to program the income and payments that periodically occur in our accounts.

It has different profiles to adjust each income or payment to a certain reason (salary, gifts and sales, for example, for income and mortgage, loans or insurance, for example, for expenses).

We will be able to create different profiles for the entities that, together with the bank and us, intervene in transfers (source of income or recipients of collections)

It can handle different types of currencies and can be used by multiple users. Surely you will control your expenses better and you will be able to know at all times what you have spent the money on.


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