Grinder (Tool) . DIY portable and industrial electro tool, it has a motor and a mechanism to rotate a screw just like the drill .


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A machine tool, also known as a grinding wheel, is called a grinder, which consists of an electric motor whose axis of rotation is coupled to discs on both ends on which various tasks are carried out, depending on the type of disc mounted on it.

Discs made of soft and flexible material are used for polishing and polishing metals, while wire disks are used to remove machining burrs that some parts may have.

They can also be made of abrasive material, consisting of coarse grains or fine grains.


The former are used to rough or kill edges of metal parts, while the latter are used to sharpen cutting tools ( blades , bits , etc.). It can also be used to cut ceramics.

Security measures

When working on these machines, various safety measures must be adopted, especially protecting the eyes with suitable glasses to prevent metal particles from becoming embedded in the eyes .


Something that is very important is that although grinders and drills have a similarity in functions and accessories, it is not convenient to use drill accessories in Grinders since the speeds of both are not the same and can cause damage to the machine and / or the work done.

The quality of the work will depend a lot on the machine, the appropriate accessories that are used and that are in good condition.

It is preferable to have a grinder that has electronic speed control, this helps the handling given on different materials and surfaces to be precise and effective.


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