What is the greenhouse effect and its advantages and disadvantages

The atmosphere on Earth acts as the surface of the greenhouse. 31 per cent of the light rays coming from the Sun goes back into space after being reverted from the Earth’s surface and 20 per cent is absorbed by the atmosphere. The remaining part of the energy from the sun is absorbed by the ocean on the earth and the facts present on the surface. Then it is converted into heat which helps to keep the surface of the earth and the air above it warm. Certain gases present in the Earth’s atmosphere act as the surface of the greenhouse, and bind the heat to the Earth.

What is the Greenhouse effect definition :

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon, which helps to keep the Earth’s surface warm and this is why life on Earth is possible. In the greenhouse, the energy coming from the sun comes in the form of light rays crossing a surface to the greenhouse. Part of the energy coming from this sun is absorbed by soil, tree plants and other means of greenhouse. Much of this absorbed energy is converted into heat, which keeps the greenhouse warm. The surface in the greenhouse binds this heat, and helps to keep the temperature of the greenhouse fixed.

The gases present in the greenhouse absorb heat, which increases the temperature of the Earth, and makes life on Earth more than other planets. The most important greenhouse gas is water vapor and it is very useful in greenhouse effect. Other gases, including carbon dioxide, menthene and nitrous oxide, etc. also play a very important role in the greenhouse effect, although its inclusion percentage is very small.

If there was no greenhouse effect on the Earth, the Earth would be colder than ever and the temperature of the Earth would be 18 C. Warmth is very important in the climate on Earth, because there is water on three fourths of our earth and this water is present on earth in three forms of ice, liquid and vapor. Due to the water cycle on the earth, water keeps changing from one form to another, and we get potable water to keep our life regular. It plays an important role in controlling the temperature of the Earth.

Information regarding greenhouse gases:

Greenhouse Gas Name Organic name The percentage of this gas in the environment
Water vapor  H2O  36-70%
carbon dioxide   CO2 9-26%
Methane   CH4 4-9%
Nitrous oxide N2O 3-7%
Ozone    O3
Chlorofluorocarbons   CFCs  –

G reenhouse effect increase :  

The world temperature has been witnessing a steady rise in the past few years, mainly because of the increase in greenhouse gases. The main reasons for the increase in these greenhouse gases and increase in the temperature of the earth are made by humans. Man has been destroying trees and forests for his happiness. The fossil fuels are being used indiscriminately, as a result, the temperature of the earth has already increased by 11 degree Celsius and it is being said that by 2030 this temperature will increase by 5 degree Celsius. We also get to see its many adverse effects, such as flooding in the desert, lack of rain in extreme rainy areas and the ice on the glacier has started melting. And if all this continues in the future, then the day is not too far when the earth will go towards its destruction. It is said that if the temperature of the earth continues to rise in this way, then in many places, storms of hot winds will arise, then the water level of the sea will also increase and the countries present in the lower part will become submerged. Water will not be present for drinking and irrigation, forest and tree plants will also be destroyed. That is why today we need to control the increasing pollution and save our earth from losing its existence.

 G reenhouse effect process in Hindi :

In some steps below, we are trying to explain the greenhouse effect to you, so that you can understand it easily.

Due to change in environment / climate (Greenhouse effect is caused):

Both weather and climate are very different from each other, changes in weather are common and we also experience three seasons cold, heat and rain in a year. We can easily understand the change in this season, but the change in climate is very slow and in this slow process, we also adjust harmony easily and do not understand this change. But this change in climate is very dangerous for the Earth and the creatures present on it. The change in climate is both natural and man-made. We have no control over natural causes, but by controlling the human-caused causes, we can protect ourselves from the existence of the earth and the difficulties in the future. For this, we have to consider the causes of climate change.

Reasons for climate change:

  1. Natural Causes:
  • Continents move
  • Volcano
  • Sea waves
  • Earth rotation
  1. Human causes:There are many human causes, due to which the level of greenhouse gases in the environment is increasing, due to which the climate has also changed and it is a big cause of global warming ,
  • By using fossil fuels such as cola, petrol, natural gases, etc., carbon dioxide is getting released in the environment in large quantities.
  • Due to continuous erosion of forests, the level of carbon dioxide absorbed by them is increasing in the environment.
  • Due to industrialization, new greenhouse gases are also getting more and more into the environment due to which the temperature is constantly increasing.
  • Using non-degradable materials like plastic etc.
  • Spraying of fertilizer pesticides in agriculture has also increased the environmental pollution.
  • Environmental pollution hasalso increased due to the cutting of trees with the aim of obtaining land for building houses and industrialization .

All these factors directly and indirectly affect our environment. All of us should try to control all these reasons and take steps towards saving our future and educate our next generation also in this direction.


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