Green aventurine

Green Aventurine. O green quartz is a variety of quartz and belongs to the group of oxides , with formula SiO2 . It belongs to the trigonal crystallization system.


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  • 1 Etymology
  • 2 Mineralogy
  • 3 Healing Properties
  • 4 Curiosities
  • 5 Use and Cleaning
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It comes from the Italian ventura, which means “chance”. it is an allusion to the discovery by chance of the synthesis of the aventurine crystal .


Aventurine owes its green color to the presence of inclusions, generally green mica . The way of presenting yourself in nature is totally massive. The genesis of quartz is magmatic , occurring abundantly in acidic magmatic rocks: granites , diorites , quartzites , etc.

  • CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Trigonal .
  • PRINCIPLE OF TRAINING: Primary, secondary, tertiary.
  • MINERAL CLASS: Oxide , group of quartz.
  • HARDNESS: 7 on the Mohs scale .

Healing Properties

  • Aventurine is a stone of prosperity.
  • It is used to create patterns in gardens or houses to counteract geopathic tension .
  • Attached or attached to a mobile phone shields its electromagnetic fumes .
  • Psychologically reinforces the qualities of leadership and decision. * Promote compassion and empathy while promoting perseverance.
  • It helps stabilize your own state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity.
  • Physically, aventurine creates a feeling of well-being, balances the masculine and feminine energies while protecting the heart chakra .
  • At a curative level, it benefits the nervous system and stimulates metabolism .
  • It has anti-inflammatory effects and, taken as an elixir, helps to alleviate epidermal problems .
  • Chakras: Spleen , heart.
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra , Scorpio , Sagittarius .


Adventure has been known by this name since the 17th century by the Italian expression “a ventura” (random), which refers to the discovery by chance of the synthesis of aventurine or goldstone crystal, an artificial stone very similar to aventurine at that time. The “random” distribution of the small sheets of mica that contains it is also believed. Other names that aventurine receives are prasio, which comes from the Greek prasos (leek), referring to its green color, or simply, green quartz.

Use and Cleaning

Costume jewelery , decoration , meditation , collection and decoration .

The cleaning process for green aventurine is similar to crystals of its type, an easy and effective way to do this is to place the stone in a container and then add sea ​​salt on top, leaving it at least 3 hours. Then remove it and you will have to leave it exposed to the moonlight it takes a whole night , with this you will have the quartz clean, loaded and activated.


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