The Great Chamber – Borderlands 3 Complete Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

Once we have completed the mission to bring Roland’s reactor to sleep we can return to the Sanctuary to speak to Lilith and progress with the main mission that is part of this comprehensive guide . Before we go down to Roland Rest for the mission, we must say goodbye to our companions aboard the ship and prepare for the great battle.

The Great Chamber

Once on the ground we spoke to Vaughn and headed to the designated location to finish off the Sons in the area while Tannis finished off the turrets. After doing so, we headed to the Cathedral of the Siamese Gods and there we made our way killing the enemies that are necessary (we will have to do it so that some closed doors open) until we reach the statues that accumulate eridium. In order to stop it, we finish first with the great consecrated one that is in the area and then we close the 4 valves that indicate us. After that, we only have to finish with the boss Troy .

This boss will be one of the most complicated in the game, so we will have to be equipped with the best possible shield and all the weapons we can. Once we go down, what we must do is dodge his balls of eridian energy by sneaking through the available holes as long as they do not reach us, since the damage they do is devastating.

As soon as he moves and stands on his sister, he will be immune, but we can take advantage to shoot the 4 towers that emerge around the square in which we are in order to do a little damage and force him to return.

As soon as we take more than half his life, change to a tactical goal and he will start to load a hammer that he will throw vertically on us. To avoid it we run in circles and we never lower our guard, since it will continue to throw fireballs and Eridian balls, the most dangerous.

As soon as we can beat him we finally see a scene and after them we loot the loot, pick up the ECHO device, talk to Lilith and enter the chamber. There we will find a tool that will allow us to decipher the language of the Eridians, so that we will finally be able to understand those mysterious symbols that had been distributed by the planets. After that, we speak to Tannis and return to the Sanctuary .


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