Cold Tomb – Borderlands 3 Complete Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

After giving the second fragment of the key to the Chamber to Tannis , they will indicate that they already know where the third is, so we must go for it as part of the story that we detail in this complete guide . So we can go down to Eden-6 again, but first we talked to Claptrap for a new side quest.

Tomb cold

  • In Search of the Lost Rock: We spoke to Claptrap on the ship to ask us for a mission to do on Eden-6. We go down to the planet and we must speak to Miles Braun, who will ask us to collect his lost stones. There is no more mystery than collecting them and ending the jabbers that they indicate.
  • Sell ​​Yourself: In this quest, collected in Barrizámbar, Sister Calypso will try to make us kill ourselves in exchange for a special weapon. However, we can foil his plans and destroy his 5 death chambers or get into the trap to revive later and get the weapon.

We spoke to Wainwright to continue the main quest, based on finding the last fragment of the camera key. To do so, we first meet with Clay, who will lead us through a secret passageway to the Jakobs family’s “gunpowder store.” Once there we secure the area and after that we follow Wainwright’s instructions until we get the fragment.

After that we advance to the location indicated to fight Aurelia , the chief of the area. Its main power is that of ice, so we must avoid using such an element to attack, since it is immune. The best is fire or corrosive damage and we recommend that you do not stop attacking as long as you cannot recover your shield bar.

Once we have defeated her, we go out into the garden to solve the puzzle that helps us enter the Chamber. We must shoot the first statue in the head, we hit the second one hand-to-hand and the third one we attack with ice damage. When we have solved the puzzle, we activate the fountain and enter the hall towards the Chamber to find the monster that protects it.

The Funeral Watcher will attack us from a certain distance, so we can forget about melee attacks and grenades or bullets that have a short range (we can use them on brief occasions when they fall and are accessible). Instead it is preferable to attack the lighted areas (where it has critical damage) with ranged shooting weapons. We must also escape the damage zone when it produces an effect in a certain area and avoid falling into the void when the platform is tilted (or when it is thrown into the air with a blow).


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