Grand slam

Grand Slam . It is the largest competition of some sports such as: Tennis , Rugby , Sport Fishing , Wrestling . In the case of baseball, it is called a grand slam when a home run is hit with three men on the pads. In this case the offensive part scores four runs.


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Baseball Grand Slam

History in the SNB in ​​Cuba

In Cuba, two Grand Slam in the same inning were connected by Alexei Bell from Las wasps from Santiago , in the 2009 – 2010 season . In this way, Bell prevails in the record book, also adding the record of 8 RBIs in a single inning.

Record in MLB

Lou Gehrig, a former New York Yankees player, holds the record for the most lifetime Grand Slam in Major League Baseball.

Tennis Grand Slam

For the Grand Slam in tennis , a player or a couple must play the following tournaments: Tournament Australia Open , Roland Garros , Wimbledon and Tournament US Open .

Rugby Grand Slam

This Grand Slam occurs when in an edition of the six-nation tournament a team manages to remain undefeated.

Motorsports Grand Slam

This recognition is granted when a Formula 1 Driver obtains the so-called Pole Position, the Quick Lap, leads the entire race and also wins it, in the same Grand Prix.

Video game

It also applies the Grand Slam in Video games of tennis , which are used for consoles Xbox and PlayStation .


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