How does “Monster Hunter: Rise” change the appearance and equipment of the hunter?

In addition to the equipment with attribute bonuses in the Switch ” Monster Hunter: Rise ” game, there are also ” appearance equipment ” without attribute bonuses . If you purchase the deluxe version, then you can get the hunter’s “Shenhuo Warrior” series for free Armor appearance equipment.

So how do you put on appearance equipment for your hunter character? How to put on appearance equipment for the entourage? There will be detailed teaching in this article.


How does “Monster Hunter: Rise” change the appearance and equipment of the hunter?

If you have purchased the deluxe version of “Monster Hunter: Rise” , don’t forget that there is a “Shenfire Samurai” series of armor appearance equipment for the hunter . We can wear it for our own characters, but please remember to look for it before putting it on. “Cat Mailman ” to receive.

Although the appearance equipment does not have any attribute bonuses, at least wearing it will make your appearance clothing look different from others, and there is no conflict with the original equipment. In fact, it is very similar to the concept of “pointing up”.


step 1

First of all, we need to go to a place where there is an “item box “. For example, you can press and hold the “- button” on the handle to use “Move in the Village” and select the “Assembly Hall”.


After entering, turn left, there is an “item box ” here, directly press ” A ” to use the item box.


Step 2

Select ” Appearance Equipment Settings “> ” Change Appearance Equipment “.


Step 3

Switch to the ” Appearance Equipment Box “, and then you can browse the appearance equipment you have here, because I bought the “Monster Hunter: Rise” Deluxe Edition, so there will be the appearance equipment of the Shenhuo Warrior series here, click “A” can be put on.

*If you have purchased the deluxe version, and there is no appearance equipment here, please go to the cat postman to get it.


The effect after putting on the exterior equipment is as shown below, directly covering the original equipment.


How does “Monster Hunter: Rise” change the appearance and equipment of the entourage?

In the bonus, there are two appearance equipment for the follower, namely the appearance equipment of Gark’s “Transformed Retriever” and the “Transformed Forest Cat” of Ailu. And the deluxe version will also give additional appearance equipment of Gark’s “Shuriken Hound Hound” and the appearance equipment of Ai Lu’s “Fish Cat Ring”.

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The following teaches you how to put on appearance equipment for your followers.


step 1

First, please go to the ” Following Square ” (you can long press the ” – key ” to use the “Move in the Village” function), and then talk to the “Following Signage “.


Step 2

Then, select ” Appearance Equipment Settings “> ” Change Appearance Equipment ” in order, and then select one of the minions first.


Step 3

Click “Select from Appearance Equipment Box “.


Step 4

In the “Appearance Equipment Box” you can see what appearance equipment the minion has. Press ” A ” to put it on.


to sum up

Whether you want to change the appearance and equipment for your hunter character or for your entourage, you can change it according to the teaching method in this article, and don’t forget to receive a limited bonus!


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