GPU or PC Graphics Processing Unit: What is it and what is it for?

Since the launch of the computer , work has been done time and time again to improve people’s experience of using it. If you are a computer lover and you are very interested in any knowledge about them, this term will not be something new for you.

And although it is not so, for those who are building their knowledge in relation to them by reading this article they can do so. I assure you that it will be very useful. One part is the  GPU or Graphic Processing Unit of the PC , what are they? Read on to learn.

What is GPU?

As you could read in the title this is the graphics processing unit of the pc, but what does this mean? This is a coprocessor dedicated exclusively to computer graphics processing. The market leaders in the manufacture of these processors are AMD are NVIDIA and Intel .

So there is better equipment efficiency thanks to it, and the effect comes to be noticed in the speed of processing. So you can activate the GPU dedicated video card to play on your PC. However, although the GPU can perform more efficiently this procedure will never supplant the CPU as the central processor , as it is not designed for this.

 How does it work?

The GPU has several processing cores, but performs its functions with little clock frequency. This processes the data received from the CPU through internal procedures, calculates the values ​​that need to be stored to later be processed.

It carries out a transformation process to the values ​​in a row and in this way emits a signal to the monitor to reproduce the graph. Now, it has two main functional units, one for vertex processing and one for pixel processing.

Vertex Processing

It processes the information of the graphic vertices obtained from the CPU, this because although it is processed by the CPU it needs adjustments. After obtaining the information, what the GPU does is process the rotation, reorder the visible space at the graphic level . All this is done so that the graph can be viewed in a better way, and proceed to pixelate the image.

Pixel processing

This procedure is somewhat complex, this is when the graphic information , layers and effects that are needed for a realistic image are applied . So through this process the graph is taken to the screen where after concluding we can see the final image.

GPU acceleration

With GPU acceleration it is possible to achieve higher and better performance, as well as reduced power consumption. You can do much better graphics or video conversion by using GPU-accelerated encoding for this. All thanks to a joint work of the CPU and the GPU , in this team the CPU performs the least forced work.

While the GPU does the work of analyzing the areas of the process where more attention is required for accurate calculations. Therefore, thanks to this as a result it will seem that within the computer everything is done much faster.

If you want to enable the high-performance GPU for the Microsoft Edge browser, do not hesitate to read the article at this link.

Differences between GPU and CPU

Despite the fact that both the CPU and the GPU fulfill the function of processing the data. The GPU performs calculations on artwork as it has been specifically designed for this purpose. The CPU is the processor with a general purpose, it can do all kinds of calculations, thus working with graphics.

On the other hand, both the GPU and the CPU have an essentially different design for carrying out their assigned procedures. The GPU is designed to perform multiple functions in parallel.

While the CPU performs serial processing , it has fewer cores and performs few functions in parallel. Find out how to find out how big your screen is in inches or pixels in the following article.



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