Google;10 advantages and disadvantages of using it

Surely you have heard Google or seen its home page when you are about to do a search on the web. However, do you know who is behind the most popular search engine in the world ?

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  1. Who is the founder of the Google company?
  2. What is the meaning of the word ‘Google’?
  3. What are its most relevant characteristics?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of using this search engine
    1. Advantage
    2. Disadvantages
  5. What are the most relevant functions that you offer us?
  6. How can I configure the functions that I use?
  7. Tricks to improve the performance of your search engine
  8. What tools are part of Google?
    1. Google translator
    2. Google maps
    3. Google Chrome
    4. Google Earth
    5. Google Assistant
    6. Google Play Store
    7. Google drive
    8. Google Calendar

Who is the founder of the Google company?

Actually, Google as a company has 2 founders: Lawrence Page and Serguei Brin . Both became two of the most millionaire men in the world with just over 55 billion dollars each as personal assets.

The American computer scientist Larry Page and the Russian mathematician / computer theoretician Serguei Brin, are currently part of the board of directors of Alphabet (a conglomerate of companies that includes Google), being CEO and CEO respectively.

What is the meaning of the word ‘Google’?

This curious name comes as a reference to the Gúgol number . This astronomical figure can be written as 10100. This represents for the company its objective of classifying and organizing all the information found on the web.

What are its most relevant characteristics?

Google began as a text search engine within web pages that evolved to become the most widely used search engine in the world . Google is also the name of the company that handles the development and management of the search engine and its by-products.

Advantages and disadvantages of using this search engine

Although it is the most popular search engine, it is definitely not the fastest or the safest , for that reason here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of this search engine:


  • It has a wide range of free products such as: Translator, Calculator, Currency Converter and physical magnitudes;
  • It has a very extensive search index over 129 billion web pages;
  • Its search engine is very accurate and can search for specific words, news, or images.


  • It stores the cookies of your searches which makes it not completely private and does not allow anonymity.
  • It searches based on the copies of the pages on its servers, rather than a live search, so the information may not be up to date.
  • It is a bit difficult to find your page in the main searches due to its large size.

What are the most relevant functions that you offer us?

As mentioned, in the advantages section the large number of functions it allows us to search for images, videos, news. We can filter these results by time range and look for an old version of the web pages and in any language.

How can I configure the functions that I use?

This is done through the drop-down menus found below the search bar , once we have written the relevant terms for what we want to find.

Tricks to improve the performance of your search engine

If you want to improve your experience when using this search engine there are some tricks that you can apply to find what you are looking for more quickly.

  • Search for explicit phrases using quotation marks in the search engine. For example, “Pages to download subtitles in Spanish and English”;
  • You can ask how to say a word in the language you want directly in the search engine instead of entering the Google translator first;
  • You can exclude a word from your search by using a hyphen before it

What tools are part of Google?

In addition to being a very versatile search engine, Google has different tools associated with the same platform. In fact, many of them complement the search for the terms.

Google translator

This tool allows us to translate texts of up to 5000 words for free. This is capable of translating up to 109 languages and its integration with Google Chrome allows it to translate web pages automatically.

Google maps

This is a platform that offers maps on the web, useful for calculating walking routes, getting directions to places and accessing satellite photos . It is usually used as a GPS navigator due to its integration with Android Auto.

Google Chrome

This is the most widely used free browser in the world , since its launch in 2008 it has evolved to the point of being the basis of the Chrome OS operating system .

Google Earth

Similar to Google Maps, this service allows us to review a satellite image of the entire planet earth. Among the functions it has, we can take distances between places and even review images of the lunar surface .

Google Assistant

Google has not lagged behind in the development of artificial intelligence. Its assistant is found in most modern mobiles and allows us to quickly search for all kinds of information and configure aspects of our device using the OK Google voice command .

Google Play Store

This is an application found on all Android devices . This allows us to download all kinds of applications and games for our mobile, Tablet or Smart TV.

Google drive

This service allows us to save files, documents and programs in the cloud. With a maximum capacity of up to 1TB in its free version , it is useful for backing up important files and for easy sharing.

Google Calendar

This is a platform that we can use as a personal agenda . This has the function of notifying us of important events that we have scheduled by sending us an email or notifying us on the mobile if we have the application.

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