Golden rules for reading the Bible

Find out the best time for you to read the Bible and make your spiritual diary

1. Read the Bible every day

Here’s the main rule of thumb: read the Bible every day. No exception. Read when you feel like it and when you don’t have it too! It is like medicine: with or without will, we take it, because it is necessary. It is the same with the Bible. And in the times we live in, this is pressing.

Just as you feed your body every day, daily feed your spirit with the Word of God. Just as we take a shower every day and, when we can’t do it in the morning, at night the body asks for a bath, so it is with reading the Bible: if you can’t read during the day, without you realizing it , your spirit will be asking for a bath of the Word of God. Be sure to give your spirit what you give to your body!

There are people who cannot sleep without taking a shower; these people turn around and roll over in bed without sleeping. May you and I be like this: that we cannot sleep without bathing in the reading of the Word of God.

2. Have an appointment for Reading

For most people, the best time to read is early in the morning. They get up early to read the Bible and do their work with the Spiritual Diary, before other occupations and the start of the movement at home.

It is a wonderful custom. It is certainly what yields the most. In addition, we have the advantage of starting a super meal early, and we start the day with full strength.

However, there are those who have difficulties to do this. They are people who, in the morning, feel heavy, sleepy. It seems that the head does not work. They cannot concentrate. And there is no point in making an effort, as they end up spending time to achieve little.

There is nothing strange about that. There are many people like that, maybe you are one of them. These people in general, yield even at night. Despite the tiredness of the day, at night your mind is awake, active … If the good time is the night, do not hesitate: work with the Bible at night.

Doing this also has advantages: you can continue reading until you want to, and you will sleep with good content in mind. And your unconscious will definitely work with all that material.

For many mothers, the best time is mid-afternoon, after finishing the housework. At that time, they are quiet, with no noise or movement in the house, which allows them to work with the Bible.

The important thing is to find the best period for you. And make it your appointed time, being faithful, without exceptions.

3. Mark the duration of the Reading

This is another golden rule: mark the duration of the reading and be faithful to it. Be serious with yourself. It is preferable 10 minutes every day to be carried away by the enthusiasm of the beginner and not to go on.

Many people who, at the beginning, demanded a lot of themselves, in order to do this work seriously and steadily, now confess themselves satisfied with the fact that, after some time, they felt an involvement and motivation that the discipline failed to be a requirement. Likewise, given the rigor with which they faced this time for reading, today, they realize that it has become short. They need more time, the work tasted like “I want more”. Too bad it’s not always possible.

4. Choose a good place

Having our corner is very good. And we don’t need anything special; what matters is to have a peaceful, quiet place that facilitates concentration and favors the creation of a climate of prayer. It is good to go to our corner every day and do our work with the Bible there.

Remember, however, that the place is a secondary thing: it is only a means for us to work better and with greater results. It is really important, anywhere, under any circumstances, to carry out our task with dedication.

5. Read with pencil or pen in hand

It is not a matter of simply reading; we must do an active reading. A simple but effective way is to read with a pencil or pen in your hand. Underline the most important passages, everything that catches your attention, the things that spoke to you and that touched you in a special way. It’s even good to have a four-color pen and use it now and then. It helps: highlight excerpts, differentiate.

Use signs that make sense to you, make notes, don’t be afraid to cross out your Bible. It is a working tool. You will have a well-marked Bible; it will be easy for you to remember the tickets and find them when you look. In addition, it facilitates concentration on reading, understanding the message and the impression of what is read in the mind and heart.

6. Do everything prayerfully

You are not just reading the Bible, you are looking for an encounter with the Word of God. You are looking for an intimate contact with the Living Word of God, which speaks to you.

It is a dialogue: you listen, you welcome, you touch yourself, you are touched, you respond. It is a living encounter between living people, a meeting of people who love each other. Many have experienced this relationship. Try it yourself too.

God’s main interest is not so much to make you listen as to speak to you. He wants to instruct you, he wants to lead you to the knowledge of the truth. So be aware, be alert; keep an attitude of expectation. God has something very personal and concrete to tell you!


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