Jesus’ words help us grow in faith

God’s Word always speaks to us about situations in our life; speaks of what we see today around us. Let us open our hearts to the action of the Spirit of God, who has something to do within us, within those who seek something more from God. “A great crowd followed Him, because he saw the miracles he performed for the benefit of the sick” (Jn 6,2).

That crowd followed Jesus because they had seen the miracles He performed. Patients who were healed; oppressed by the demon who were freed; miraculous signs such as the fantastic multiplication of the loaves. The crowd followed Jesus, even though they had to go across the Sea of ​​Galilee.

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They knew it was worth walking a lot, going to distant places to be with Jesus. Everyone was impressed and touched inwardly by the visible manifestation, so close and accessible, of the Power of God.

The crowds that follow Jesus

The Word says, in Hebrews, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. What He thought, spoke and did, He continues to think, speak and do today. But, perhaps today, in your city, in your neighborhood, in your parish, in your prayer group, it will be so difficult for a crowd (even a small one) to follow Jesus because they are seeing the healings, the miracles that the power of He performs. The people of many cities are not seeing Jesus heal the sick, nor are they seeing Him manifest His Glory and Love! Why?

Is there another Jesus today? Is it another Jesus who is in the Church of these cities? The answer to these questions is “no”.

Only the very Word of God can help us answer that question. There was a city where Jesus once visited; and the same happened there. Take your Bible and read in Mark 6, 5. The “over there”, to which the text refers, is the city of Nazareth. There Jesus lived and grew; there everyone knew him since he was a child, knew his relatives and parents.

You who have “known Jesus” since you were a child, or who have “known Him” for many years, know the things of the Church well, the biblical texts, already have a long journey, already have a lot of experience and knowledge… Watch out! The same Gospel says, in an earlier passage, that many heard Jesus teaching in the synagogue; they listened and were amazed, perplexed by the wisdom and the gift of working miracles.

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Why don’t people have faith?

In fact, although today the reasons for the lack of faith may be different, the fact that prevented and reduced Jesus’ wonderful action to prevent many healings and miracles from happening, was: “they have no faith !”

Perhaps, in your city, in your group, the same reality will happen. People have no faith! It doesn’t matter so much what generated this reality, but in many places, Christians themselves no longer have faith.

Faith in the Gospel way, faith that moves the hand of God, faith that trusts to the end, that is not intimidated by anyone, that leaves the way open for Jesus to manifest His Power in each person’s life and cannot continue like this . It is urgent to change the scenario in which you live, starting with your heart, your mentality and your daily Christian experience. The Father in Heaven reveals to us the remedy, the solution and the way to be adopted now.

Through the Word, once again, the Father speaks to us today: “But how can you invoke Him in whom you have no faith? And how will they have faith in Him that they have not heard of? ”. And if there is no one to preach, how will they hear about it? And how they will preach, if they are not sent, as it is written: how beautiful are the feet of those who have announced the good news! “But not everyone has listened to the good news. Therefore, faith comes from preaching and preaching is the proclamation of the word of Christ ”(Rom 10: 14ff).

It’s time for action

1) Seek this preaching of the Word of Christ to you, first. Your faith needs to be revived, it needs to be re-inflamed. Seek constantly until you experience, in your life, the same Jesus of the Gospel, the One who speaks and does the same things.

2) Although knowing that there are always those who did not listen to the good news, the Father wants us all to:
– preach the Good News, in the Power of the Spirit of Jesus;
– let us preach the Word of Jesus Christ as it is in the Gospel;
– preach and witness what the Power of Jesus has already done in our lives;
– let us preach in the anointing of the Spirit  so that everyone believes, Jesus heals the sick and performs his signs and miracles;
– let us preach like the apostles, with our faith revived and revived.


Yes, Lord, pour out Your Spirit on all of my being, reinflame my search for Your Word, revive my faith in You and give me the boldness of the apostles to announce Your Kingdom, Your Love and Your Power. You are alive now, here with me! Thank you very much, my Lord, my Jesus, my everything! Amen!


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