God loves the sinner, but hates sin

A great ally of the Tempter is fear. How many people have become unhappy, have turned away from God, have given themselves up to all kinds of addictions because of fear! Fear of God, fear of the devil, fear of not being happy, fear of not getting married, fear of losing her husband, fear of dying poor, of failing, of going to hell and, finally, one of the worst fears: fear of death!

In a desperate search for security, guarantees and “instant happiness”, countless people gave themselves up to the drag of the flesh, sinful pleasures and all sorts of sins, looking for life where there is only death. Many people sought and still seek liberation in spiritism, in the occult and in so many other spiritualisms, in order to manipulate the supernatural, as if with clay they could clean themselves from clay. We even seem to hear despair screaming: “Eat and drink, because tomorrow we will die”.

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God loves the sinner, but detests sin, because in His love as a Father, He will never consent to something that destroys us and makes us unhappy. There is no sin that does you good. I never saw. I know that I will never see sin, alone, generate real benefits.

Sin has the strength to destroy man

God is offended by sin , mainly because it kills man, destroys the one God loves most.

Revelation narrates: “Rejoice, O heavens, and all that dwell there. But O land and sea, watch out! Because the devil came down to you, full of great anger, knowing that he has little time left ”(Rev. 12:12). Having nothing against God, the devil offends Him in His creatures. He wants to reach Him through His love.

What will be more painful: hurt us or hurt our son or our mother, for example? I think that pain takes on gigantic proportions when evil strikes those we love. What suffering God suffers from the love he has for us! Sacred Scripture says that the heart of God turns, that the Lord is moved, trembles with pity and compassion for His children who abandon Him seduced by the devil (cf. 11: 8c).

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What are the enemy’s tricks?

There is one more fear for which the enemy seduces us: the fear of losing our freedom . We try to guarantee it by defending it from God, defending it from the One who gave us all freedom. As if He wanted to take it away.

In our hearts, a small voice blows, saying: “God will not let me do this or that!”; “Look, God is seeing you!” I wonder if it is really just the voice of conscience.

God loves, and whoever loves frees. Because He loves us, He respects us. We need to defend our freedom always, but not from God, but from the rapist, the prince of this world who keeps people prisoners for their vices: alcohol, smoking, drugs, games, promiscuity, lies and an infinity of others that only bring as I pay death – first from the soul and then from the body. But, through prayer , we can defuse all the devil’s snares.


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