What Does GGWP Mean;5 Facts You Must Know

GGWP is an acronym in English,which means ” good game, well played.This acronym is used between online gaming players.It is a polite and quick way to thank for the match, either after a win or a loss.We can say; Gp wp its a term that gamers use at the end of arguing a point or just screwing around. It means ‘good game, well played’.

What Does GGWP Mean;5 Facts You Must Know

You can use ggwp even if you’re not playing online game for emphasizing something well done. For example, if someone tells you, do you know that today I got A grade in science? You can answer: gg! but also ggwp!GG is also an expression of courtesy and sportiness that is used between gamers; and once the game is over you can just say gg which takes on the meaning of “thanks for the game”.The expression is also useful when a friend tells you something he is proud of but you don’t find it particularly interesting and you don’t know how to comment.

It is usually used in multiplayer video games, to congratulate the opponent at the end of the game, regardless of the outcome (victory, defeat or draw).This term is used by both sides of the fight – the winning and losing teams. The message is sent to the general chat or by mail. Note that ggwp is used in Europe and the USA, while in Russia it is customary to say thanks for the game and thank the opponents for playing in Russian.

Example sentences:

  • You made me eat the dust! ggwp
  • GGWP man, this match was definetly epic!

This abbreviation is usually written at the end of the game to admit defeat and to congratulate the opponent with a good game.This dictionary of gaming terms contains most of the slang expressions and abbreviations used by players in various games.

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