How to get rid of ants in an apartment

When the owner of an apartment is faced with ants in a living space, do not immediately panic. A couple of insects in the summer can simply accidentally appear in the apartment, hitting on clothes from the street, but if there are more and more of them and they do not leave, then the question of how to get rid of ants in the house forever at home becomes relevant? There are a lot of funds for this, so it is very important to choose the most suitable option for yourself from all possible. Residential Insect Control Techniques You can get rid of these small insects at the same time by several methods. For this, not only modern chemistry or other means can be used, proven folk options are also often used. Types of insects that can “register” in the apartment Among all possible ants in a living room, only a few species can coexist with people, including: woodworms; pharaoh ants; soddy (quite a rare occurrence); thief ants. 5 myths about a separate collection of mycopa All other species, except for the ones described above, even if they end up in an apartment / house, then quite by accident and often do not take root in it. Ants can be of different sizes, so you may not notice them immediately. For example, if you take the Pharaoh ant – it is very small, but in comparison with the house thief ant, the latter is even smaller. Often, a colony can only be recognized when it has reached a large size. Flying ants Sometimes you can find ants that have wings. This is not a separate species, just during mating they have wings, but only for a short period of time. Often they can be found only on warm days in spring or summer, when the most successful time for flying and breeding. Once the mating period is over, the ants get rid of the wings themselves. It should be noted that the bites of these types of ants are the most dangerous for young children and people who are prone to allergic reactions. Such individuals are often located in attics or in technical communications, which is why it is quite problematic to deal with them. Causes of occurrence and possible consequences Indoor insects pose a serious danger, and this is not only a psychological factor or discomfort, but a potential risk to health and life, because ants carry dangerous infections. It is often possible to see “uninvited guests” at home due to the following reasons: if neighbors begin to poison insects and they run over to you; unsanitary conditions and disorder in the room; an accident when insects enter the house along with building materials and other things. These arthropods remain in human dwelling for only two reasons: the availability of food for the colony, warm conditions. On top of everything else, clutter is also a great living environment for an apartment. Even unwashed dishes left for the evening can be a potential cause of their appearance in the house. Before you get the ants out of the apartment, it is very important to determine how they get inside the room. Ways to enter the apartment The ant colony is very organized. That is why, before the entire colony moves to an apartment for permanent residence, first a few ants will go on a hike to explore a new territory. Most often, the colony moves along the following routes: cracks in doors and windows; ventilation system; basement; pipes; holes in the walls. These insects are so smart and small that they can penetrate almost any apartment. Methods of action when they appear Already at the first appearance of these insects in the room, you should not immediately reach for a sneaker or spray harmful chemicals. It is very important to observe them for a while in order to find the colony nest itself. Only in this case it will be possible to effectively deal with this problem. You can get rid of pests by different methods, most of which are quite effective. Scare away smells This is the safest method not only for people, but also for animals that can live in the house. As odors unpleasant for insects, the following options can be noted: Fresh lemon juice is one of the harshest deterrent odors. It is required to apply it to the places of accumulation of ants and the paths along which they move. The second most effective herbs are wormwood, parsley, lavender, mint. It is better to take fresh plants, but dry plants can also be used. They need to be crushed and decomposed in places of activity. Essential oils are no less effective, which can scare off not only ants and other insects, but also create a pleasant aroma in the room. Proven methods The traditional methods that people have long used to fight ants can be no less effective than modern chemical insecticides, plus they are the safest Why folk remedies are better than chemistry Before you get rid of red small ants in an apartment, you need to figure out the type of funds that will be used for these purposes. There is a large list of certain agents or plants that do not harm humans, but at the same time are deadly for ants and other insects. Boric acid will not harm humans, but at the same time it is deadly for insects. Ordinary chamomile, for example, can scare them away. Naturally, among the advantages of this kind of funds, first of all, it is worth noting safety, availability, ease of use and efficiency. In some cases, folk remedies and even ordinary chamomile are much more effective than modern remedies. Soda There is soda in almost every home. It is used not only for baking or for cleaning some surfaces, but also for fighting pests such as ants. This is due to the fact that insects have an acid in the body, which enters into a chemical reaction upon contact with soda. As a result, insects die very quickly. Naturally, not a single ant will eat soda at will, even if it is not in powder, but dissolved in water. That is why it will be necessary to mix sugar, water and soda in equal parts. This solution should be applied to the areas where insects have been seen most. Nashatyr Ammonia is intolerable to ants. Naturally, he does not kill them, but is able to act as an effective repeller. You just need to dilute it with water at the rate of 100 ml of alcohol per 1000 ml of water. The resulting solution is required to process all places where these insects were seen. Despite the fact that ammonia has a pungent smell, after 15 minutes it will disappear and will not be noticeable to the human sense of smell, but insects will feel it and be afraid for a very long time. With this solution, you need to wipe as many pieces of furniture as possible, including cabinets, shelves, chairs, etc. If they reappear after a couple of days, then all places should be wiped again. Salt This food product is also in every home, and it does its job no less effectively than soda. Salt is especially useful in cases where there are animals or small children in the house and the use of chemicals or poisons is not possible. For the solution, you must use water and salt in equal proportions. All places where insects accumulate must be carefully processed. The maximum efficiency of the salt is achieved when working with hot peppers. They also need to be mixed in equal proportions and sprinkled on all paths along which insects run. Soap Those who are wondering how to get rid of red ants in an apartment can finally try a simple remedy – soap. There is soap in any apartment, and you can use not only the liquid version, but also the solid form. It is enough just to make a soapy solution and treat it with a sprayer all the places where insects have accumulated. In addition to the fact that such a solution will make the house cleaner, it will not only scare away pests, but also erase traces of pheromones that can attract other insects. It makes no difference what kind of soap is used, and to enhance the effect, you can add a couple of drops of essential oils. The best option is coniferous smells – spruce or pine. You can simply rub the pest sites with a hard bar of soap. Grated soap is also suitable for these purposes. Boric acid There are several recipe options where boric acid is used as an active substance: In a clean bowl, mix 4 tbsp. tablespoons of honey (if there is no honey, you can use sugar syrup), 1 tbsp. a spoonful of yeast and 1 serving of boric acid. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and the paste must be applied wherever insects have been seen. At 1 st. a spoonful of water, you need to add 2 teaspoons of glycerin, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey and 1.5 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar. Add 1/3 teaspoon of boric acid to the mixture. All ingredients must be mixed thoroughly. Using medical gloves, it is required to roll up small balls and place the bait in those places where their greatest accumulation was noticed. Mix a little water with 5 grams of boric acid, 1 tbsp each. a spoonful of jam and sugar. All ingredients must be mixed and the resulting composition is poured into special containers, for example, into plastic bottle caps. The baits should be placed in all areas of large concentrations of insects. For 0.5 teaspoon of boric acid, you need to take one egg yolk. Again, you need to roll up small balls and lay out the bait. It should be borne in mind that boric acid can be sold in a pharmacy not only in powder form, but also in liquid form. It’s worth noting that boric acid can also be mixed with just about any other food that ants might like. Among the most famous homemade delicacies, ants prefer bread, minced meat, boiled potatoes, and sweets. Storm This substance is somewhat similar to boric acid, at least in its effect on insects. It has been actively and for quite a long time used as a folk remedy for making baits. To make the bait, you need to take in equal amounts of granulated sugar and borax, and then add a little water. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Such a mixture should be applied to cartons and located in places where pests accumulate. The essence is quite simple, the ants drag such a bait into the nest, and after a while the entire colony becomes infected and gradually dies out along with the queen. Spicy pepper Red or black pepper is suitable not only as a spice for many dishes, but also as a deterrent to “uninvited guests.” To kill insects, a sufficiently high concentration of these spices is needed, and with small amounts, pepper effectively repels them. You can use ground pepper or fresh / dried pepper pods. They should be spread out in their habitats and on the paths along which they move. Eggshell Not everyone knows that before getting rid of ants in the house with folk remedies, you can use a large number of improvised means, including eggshells. It should not be washed or even crushed. It is enough to spread such a product in places of accumulation. Yeast Not everyone knows that yeast can be used not only in baking, but also as a fight against ants. They die due to the formation of gas in the course of a chemical reaction. Yeast should be added to sweet treats, jam, sugar, syrup or honey. All this must be mixed with water at room temperature and treated with the resulting solution all places where insects accumulate. If you use dry yeast, then it is necessary to process the insect nest. Millet Millet affects ants in an interesting way. This is a well-known method that is actively used among gardeners and gardeners. It is not known for certain exactly how millet acts on insects, that they disappear from their habitats. This method can be used at home, but at the same time, you must remember that the millet must be completely dry. Insecticides If home methods are not as effective, you can use more modern means that will help you quickly deal with not only ants, but also other unwanted insects. Gels Such funds are able to cope not only with ordinary working ants, but also with the uterus, as soon as the gel is inside the nest. The process is as follows: Insects come into contact with the gel. They transfer part of it to the anthill and large places of accumulation. After some time, the entire nest is already infected. All insects will soon be destroyed. With regard to the main advantages of this method, one can note the widespread availability of acquisition and a high level of efficiency. Almost all manufacturers recommend applying the product in dotted lines along their paths, in places of potential for penetration or near nests. One of the most popular products is Gel Raptor. Drug name From whom it helps Active substance Approximate cost (rub.) Global Cockroaches, ants Chlorpyrifos 350 Argus Ants, cockroaches Fipronil 60 Argus House and garden ants Fipronil 43 Coat Cockroaches, ants Z-cypermethrin 85 Cleanbait Ants and cockroaches Hydramethylene 200–600 Raptor Cockroaches, ants Lambda Cyhalothrin 300 Clean house House and garden ants, cockroaches Chlorpyrifos 80 Maxforce Cockroaches, domestic ants Imidacloprid 765 Storm Cockroaches, ants Diazinone, alphacipermethrin 75 Russian Trap Cockroaches, ants Fipronil 65 Sprays (aerosols) When ants appeared in the house, manufacturers of special aerosols can tell how to get rid of them at home. Such sprays contain special agents that are harmful to most insects, among which ants are naturally present. Such sprays must be sprayed in their habitats and on the insects themselves. Poisoning occurs instantly, and death occurs within about 24-48 hours. Such tools are very convenient to use when processing hard-to-reach places. Spray the product at a distance of 25 centimeters. It is very important not to spray into the air. TOP effective aerosols Among the most effective remedies are the following: Varan – the average cost is about 100 rubles. Argus – the price varies from 100 to 200 rubles. Clean House – the cost is 400 rubles. Combat – the average price is 450 rubles. Dr. Klaus – the cost is 275 rubles. All products are designed taking into account the effect not only on ants, but also on other insects, including bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, etc. Crayons For the first time such funds appeared in China, but due to their high effectiveness they soon spread throughout the world. This is almost ordinary compressed dust. Even now, Chinese options can be found on sale, but they are considered less safe for human health than domestic options. In the Russian Federation, at the moment, only crayons are allowed that have passed all the checks and have state certification. The most popular and most famous means of this type is “Mashenka”. The concentration of harmful and poisonous substances in such a crayon is quite insignificant and absolutely not dangerous for animals and humans. The active part is only 10% of the total fine, and the rest is chalk and gypsum. Often, such crayons are universal and can get rid of not only ants, but also other insects. Among the most famous and popular are TOP-3 Clean house. Masha. Tornado. The cost of such funds most often does not exceed 50 rubles, and they are sold in any specialized or hardware store. Powders Before getting rid of domestic ants in the house, it is important to pay attention to granules or powders that are effective not only in the house / apartment, but also in open spaces. The method of using such funds is as simple as possible. If necessary, you can get rid of harmful insects by simply scattering the powder in habitats, congestions and paths along which ants move. The effect can be observed within a few days, but as for older individuals, they can die within a week. The range of such funds is large enough, so there is plenty to choose from. There are funds that are aimed only at killing ants, they are cheaper, and there are those that cope with other insects, their price is slightly higher. Granules and powders are easy to use, among the most effective are the following: Karbofos – 40 rubles. Anti-ant – 35 rubles. Inta-Vir – 200-400 rubles. Raptor – 200-600 rubles. Fas Double – 1500 rubles (10 kg). Thunder and Thunder-2 – 25-100 rubles. Absolute 50-150 rubles. Important! It is necessary to use such funds only according to the instructions. Scarers Often only magnetic resonance or ultrasonic devices are used, but ionic or combined repellents can also be found on sale. The principle of operation is different for all devices, but the effect is achieved in any case. Ultrasonic versions use high frequency waves in their work, electromagnetic ones – low. In any case, they negatively affect the nervous system of insects. Among the most popular and effective devices are the following: EcoSniper AR-120 – impact area 80 (sq. M). Cost 1950. EcoSniper AR-130 – impact area 100 (sq. M). The cost is 2600. EcoSniper LS-927 – impact area 460 (sq. M). Cost 2000. EcoSniper LS-968 – impact area 350 (sq. M). Cost 1800. EMR 21 – impact area 460 (sq. M). Cost 1200. EMR 25 – impact area 560 (sq. M). Cost 1800. Weitech WK-0180 – impact area 90 (sq. M). Cost 2890. Weitech WK-0523 – exposure area 45 (sq. M). Cost 1800. EcoSniper LS-919 – impact area 200 (sq. M). Cost 990. EcoSniper LS-967 – impact area 1700 (sq. M). Cost 3890. EcoSniper LS-927M – impact area 460 (sq. M). The cost is 2600. EcoSniper LS-989 – impact area 200 (sq. M). Cost 1400. EcoSniper UP-116T – impact area 300 (sq. M). Cost 2500. EcoSniper UP-118 – impact area 230 (sq. M). Cost 1350. Yastreb MG.14 – impact area 150 (sq. M). Cost 1400. Despite the fact that all manufacturers assure about the safety of magnetic resonance and ultrasonic devices, it is not recommended to leave working scarers directly near the bed or if there are pets in the apartment. Precautions when using chemicals Before getting rid of yellow ants in the apartment forever or any other insects, it is very important to take all precautions, which is especially important when working with insecticides. It is best to treat it indoors when there are no small children or pets in the area. In addition, do not forget that all dishes and foodstuffs are removed or insulated as much as possible. The person doing the processing must follow several rules: during processing, do not eat food, liquids or smoke; it is necessary to use personal protective equipment as much as possible: a respirator, goggles, gloves and, if possible, even a protective overalls; as soon as the procedure has been carried out, the room should be ventilated for 2-3 hours. If the person who performs the treatment has problems associated with chronic eye or respiratory tract diseases, liver disease or an allergic reaction, then it is not worth the risk and treatment. In case of symptoms of poisoning (vomiting, burning or shortness of breath), you must immediately take appropriate measures: get out of the room as soon as possible into fresh air; remove all outerwear as much as possible; rinse the mouth with a baking soda solution or at least water; use a sorbent (activated carbon); if the product gets into your eyes, then you need to rinse them with a stream of running water for 5-10 minutes; seek help from a specialist. Attention! Doctors warn that in such a condition it is strictly forbidden to induce vomiting. Lures and traps To find out how to get red ants out of an apartment, you must carefully read the instructions that are indicated on the traps and baits. They can be of different types: adhesive; with poisoned bait; electric type. Important! Poisonous baits are considered the most effective remedies. Velcro and electric traps With Velcro traps, everything is as simple as possible. They are installed in places of congestion or, most often, at the intersection of paths along which insects run. You don’t need any skills or knowledge to install them. Such stickies are not highly effective, therefore they are often installed as a preventive measure. Electrical versions of the traps are powered from the electrical network. Modern devices are as economical as possible and completely silent. All insects that are trapped in such a trap receive an electrical discharge, which is enough to kill them. Once the trap is completely filled with dead ants, it is enough to clean it and then you can reconnect it to the electrical network. Poisonous bait Poisonous baits will be especially relevant for those who were looking for how to get rid of red ants in an apartment forever with folk remedies, but all the methods were not so effective. These types of toxic baits are most effective, since the bait contains special ingredients that attract insects, and toxic substances will quickly deal with them. Among the popular options are the following: Destructive force; Raptor; Kombat. Toxic traps are the most effective types of insect traps. Efficiency is achieved due to the fact that insects that have fallen into the trap do not die immediately, but manage to transfer part of the bait to the nest, where the rest of the insects of the colony are poisoned. How to find a nest Naturally, the effectiveness of the fight against ants is largely due to the correct execution of all actions. It makes no sense to crush them with slippers, because the queen will still create more and more eggs so that the colony remains efficient. It is very important to find the outbreak (anthill, nest). The problem is that it can be located anywhere in the room, but it will most likely be difficult to reach and dark. The most favorite places are floor / ceiling ceilings, ventilation, bathroom or toilet, kitchen. To try to determine the place of their accumulation, it is necessary to carefully observe the insects, since often ants always move along the same paths, if nothing interferes with them. Only by calculating the location of their nest, it will be possible to proceed to the active phase of their destruction. How to destroy the uterus How to quickly get rid of ants in the house? Naturally, the first step is to destroy the uterus. She lays eggs every day, and older individuals look after and feed her. In some cases, when the uterus dies, the colony can find a replacement for it, but often the colony simply disintegrates, therefore, rather than killing one ant at a time, it is best to strike at the very heart of the colony. Nobody says that it will be very easy, because it is located in the most protected and secluded place. First, you will need to find a place where the entire colony is hiding, then open the nest and simply treat the entire anthill with a special spray. This should be enough for the entire colony to die within a few hours along with its queen. The remains of the ants will not survive either and will soon die out. How to get ants out of house flowers Very often, insects choose earthen pots with home flowers as their nest. This brings inconvenience not only to the tenants of the room, but also to the indoor flowers. To get rid of this problem, you need to do a small number of steps: Treat the land with permethrin. Apply additionally poisonous baits. Fertilize the soil with diatomaceous earth. Flowers should be treated with soapy water. Place the coffee grounds on the ground. Only a complex effect on insects will ultimately give a result. Calling the exterminator Before poisoning ants in an apartment on your own, you can think about the services of professionals. Sometimes your own measures to get rid of this problem do not bring any result, then it is imperative to contact a specialist exterminator. A specialist can guarantee the destruction of all nests and insects, taking into account many factors. Before calling a specialist, it is necessary to carry out preliminary preparation of the premises, which consists in the following: general cleaning of the premises; pack dishes and food in plastic bags or plastic wrap and hide them securely; pets must be removed at the time of the procedure. As soon as the preparatory work is completed, all residents have the opportunity to leave the premises on their own. As soon as the work is completed, it is required to thoroughly ventilate the entire room and again carry out a thorough wet cleaning, not forgetting about safety measures. Prevention of the appearance of ants Now you know how to get ants out of the apartment at home quickly and efficiently, but so that they do not reappear, it is enough to follow a few simple rules. The room must always be clean. Particular attention should be paid to the bathroom, shower room and, of course, the kitchen. It is very important to wash the dishes right away and take out the trash on time. Do not forget about regular wet cleaning. Only in this case, you can not face such a problem as the appearance of ants in an apartment or house.

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