Geometric drawing

The drawing geometric relates to the geometry and figures characteristics of this discipline . Taking into account that geometry is one of the branches of mathematics, geometric drawings follow its rules. In this way, these drawings are made with flat figures built based on a logical method .

In the simplest geometric drawings, the basic figures of geometry such as circles, squares and triangles tend to be used . Thus, geometric drawings follow the lines and characteristics of these figures and their shapes. The different geometric figures can also be combined to create more complex and elaborate drawings.

These drawings can be used for different purposes and objectives such as creating optical effects, for example. But they can also be used in other fields or professional disciplines such as architecture, for example. Even in the plastic arts, geometric drawings are used as a basis or guide for other drawings.

A geometric drawing uses the shapes and rules of geometry.

In addition, as with other drawings or graphic representations, geometric drawings can be made on different supports . By this we mean that we can make them on paper, cardboard, blackboards or even on a screen. To make these drawings we can use instruments such as a compass, a square or a ruler.

Apart from the instruments and supports used to make these drawings, different techniques are used . Among them we can mention projection systems such as axonometries, perspectives or orthogonal projections. Axonometries are characterized by representing geometric elements or volumes with all their proportions.

Another type of projection system used in geometric drawings is the oblique projection . This type of projection is frequently used to perform scientific calculations concerning the shadows of the elements. Oblique projection is a typical concept of Euclidean geometry that relates projections to the projecting object.

Features and add-ons

When making geometric drawings and because many must follow the forms and methods of the discipline, all kinds of instruments are used. Among the most used instruments are those to measure or trace the figures exactly. Here you will find the compass, the caliper, the scale, the squares, the millimeter rulers or a protractor.

As geometric drawings are made on both analog and digital supports, there are accessories for each case. When geometric drawings are made on digital media such as a computer or tablet, specific programs are used. With new technologies and devices there are even applications to make these drawings.

Some applications and digital programs also serve to produce these drawings with a three-dimensional approach even. They are extremely useful and facilitate the work of elaboration, they are used for design purposes generally. Among the frequent uses of these programs is the design and development of industrial products, for example.


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