How to gain the trust of the team

In my last text I talked about the dilemmas faced by beginning managers . I listed some points and taught some techniques to overcome some of these dilemmas, but I must confess, I left a very important point out.

Gaining the trust of the team is something that requires more than a simple mention in a text, it is necessary a complete article to work with the great difficulty of bringing together people with the same purpose trusting your vision.

First of all, learn to give in

It seems a little counterintuitive to talk about giving in when trying to win the team’s trust, but that’s how it all starts.

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Strange as it may seem, firm managers who never give up their positions end up creating the opposite effect on their team. Rather than building trust, everyone feels that everything is following the path of ego and strengthening authority, with no room for dissenting voices.

Giving up positions and allowing the team to be autonomous to make some important decisions shows that you trust the team’s work and that you are willing to transfer authority and responsibility, without this leaving your leadership aside.

Trust is a relationship of exchange, and for those who already carry the authority of the hierarchy, offering this exchange initially makes the team feel they can trust it back.

Share the big picture

Financial goals should be discussed and opened with your sales team. It is important that everyone on the team clearly understands how their share of effort contributes to the growth of the company.

Not simply understanding the individual or team goals, but how the business’s monthly and annual revenues are driven by these results. Demonstrate how the company’s success depends on each one’s effort.

Having the numbers open and shared shows that there are no secrets and that everyone works together to make this achievement even greater.

Sometimes you have to take one for the team

Your team will eventually step on the ball.

It is difficult to assume this with such openness, especially for those who seek a high level of perfectionism. But the truth is that someday, the team will step on the ball and you will need to deal with it.

There is a saying that praise in public, criticize in private

When a team-related problem arises, the manager must go ahead and assume the problem for the team.

If it is an error, assume the error, no matter what the event was. As other managers are usually trying to point out an error of their team, it is necessary that the conflict of the hierarchical level is in equal weights.

Get up and take this one for the team.

Then, inside, talk, question, understand who was to blame and assume from then on. Your team must trust that you will be around when something goes wrong, but also understanding that you are responsible enough not to accept any conduct.

Protect your team, but don’t let it go unnoticed.

Your actions must follow your words

Item number one in terms of breaking trust is broken promises, even if those promises are about accountability for mistakes.

A leader who doesn’t keep his word automatically loses the team’s credibility. And it is difficult at times to ensure that all promises are consolidated, but it is crucial for the trust development project to show that everything it says is true and is being fulfilled.

The worst thing that can happen is to become that manager that the team always says: “oh, he just talks …” Be it, for good things and as much as for bad things.

The moment the team sees the manager with these eyes, trust no longer exists.

Transfer the shine to the team

Again, this is a complicated step for the most self-centered, but it is perhaps a key point for the team to identify the manager as an ally and not as a competitor.

If the leader takes credit for everything that has been done, the team’s incentives are reduced. It is possible that they lose the sense of togetherness and teamwork because the credits always end up being the manager’s.

When telling good news and important results, appoint the person responsible for the team and praise in public. Make everyone feel that they are important for the work done and put yourself behind the scenes as a facilitator.

Everyone knows that their work exists, giving up all credits and extolling the team shows even more the quality of a professional and reliable manager.

The job of building trust is long and time consuming, but a single mistake can easily destroy all progress.

It is important for the sales manager to prioritize this relationship with his team, often above their own goals and short-term results.So create a feeling of exchange, demonstrate that there is trust on both sides and be willing to protect your team.

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