Fun Facts About Christmas in India

Discover fun and unique facts about Christmas in India, from fusion cuisine to diverse celebrations. Immerse yourself in the festive spirit of joy and harmony!, Christmas in India showcases the diversity and cultural richness of the country. In this article, we will explore some fun facts about Christmas in India that highlight the essence of this festive season.

Fun Facts About Christmas in India

Christmas in India is celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy, even though only a small percentage of the population is Christian. Here are some fun facts about Christmas celebrations in India:

  1. Diverse Celebrations: In India, Christmas is celebrated in various ways, reflecting the country’s cultural diversity. For instance, in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, Christmas is marked by midnight masses, beautifully decorated malls, and Christmas-themed parties. In states like Goa and Kerala, where there are significant Christian populations, the celebrations are more traditional and extensive.
  2. Tropical Christmas Trees: Due to the tropical climate in many parts of India, traditional pine Christmas trees are often replaced by banana or mango trees. These trees are decorated in a similar fashion to pine Christmas trees in other parts of the world.
  3. Unique Decorations: In addition to Western decorations like tinsel, lights, and ornaments, Indian Christmas decorations might include elaborate paper lanterns and oil lamps, which reflect India’s vibrant and colorful culture.
  4. Christmas Cuisine: While some traditional Christmas foods like cakes and cookies are common, Indian Christmas feasts also include a variety of local dishes. For example, in Kerala, a traditional Christmas meal might include appam (a type of pancake) and stew, while in Goa, sorpotel (a spicy pork or beef dish) and bebinca (a layered dessert) are popular.
  5. Midnight Mass: Attending the midnight mass is a significant part of Christmas celebrations in India, much like in other parts of the world. The churches are lit up and decorated beautifully, and the service is often followed by a feast of local delicacies.
  6. Santa Claus with an Indian Twist: Santa Claus, known locally as ‘Christmas Baba’ in Hindi, ‘Christmas Thaathaa’ in Tamil, and by other names in different languages, also makes appearances, often riding a cart or rickshaw instead of the traditional sleigh.
  7. Community Events: In many areas, especially in cities with significant Christian populations, community events such as carol singing, nativity plays, and charity drives are common, bringing together people of all religions to celebrate.
  8. Christmas Markets: Christmas markets, selling everything from festive decorations to sweet treats, pop up in many cities across India, offering a blend of local and Western Christmas goods.

These fun facts highlight the unique and diverse ways in which Christmas is celebrated in India, blending local traditions with those from the West to create a festive season that is truly Indian at heart.


Christmas in India is a celebration that unites people, transcending religious boundaries. The fusion of customs and traditions, multilingual carol singing, delightful feasts, beautifully decorated churches, and inclusive celebrations make Christmas in India a unique and joyous occasion. By embracing the diverse cultural heritage of the country, Christmas brings people together in the spirit of love, peace, and harmony.

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