Fuel check

The fuel check is one that can be exchanged for fuel for the car. That is, it serves only to buy gasoline, oil or any of its substitutes to operate a vehicle.

In other words, this type of check works as a consumer voucher redeemable exclusively for fuel. In some cases it is valid for several transactions, until the corresponding balance is exhausted.

Fuel checks are typical of Spain where there is a network of service stations that receive them as a means of payment .

These coupons can be purchased in different ways. Some dealers offer them as a gift to their customers who have bought a car. Another case is that of the Cepsa oil company that sells them online.

We could also indicate the case of transport companies. Employees who use the company’s vehicles or their own vehicle but linked to it, receive fuel checks to make certain journeys.

Advantages and disadvantages of the fuel check

Among the advantages of the fuel check are:

  • It allows the person to take less moneyin cash that can be lost or stolen.
  • It can be exchanged in a large number of service stations throughout the Spanish territory.
  • It can be purchased online. Then a document that is printed to be exchanged at the service station is mailed.
  • It can be acquired with points (accumulated by fuel purchases in the past), moneyor a combination of the two.
  • The driver can get their fuel checks, for example, before starting a trip. In that way, it controls fuel consumption
  • Your loss or theft can be reported. Thus, a new checkis generated with the remaining balance from which it was lost.

However, there are some disadvantages:

  • It has a validity period that, upon expiration, invalidates the check. For that reason, the bearer must be aware of the deadline to renew it.
  • If it deteriorates, it may not be accepted by the seller.
  • It cannot be exchanged for cash or be destined for any transaction. It only serves to acquire fuel. That is, its use is limited.
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