What Is Free Verse In Poetry With Great Examples

Free verse is a poetic expression with no rules. In free verse, the law of anything goes. The poet creates his world without the need to count the number of syllables or verses, he can combine words with rhyme or without and the number of verses (the stanzas) no longer have relevance.

These are verses that do not have metrics, and are not based on predefined criteria, but on decisions that the poet takes.  These Verses are easier to create than the old metrical verses, which has generated a lot of criticism.Free verses are an important feature of modern and contemporary literature, because the greatest intention of these writers is to create something new and innovative, poetic forms.

The use of  free verse was started in late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. There were  the initiators, prominent poets such as the French symbolism Arturo Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, Laforgue, Kahn, Moreas, Maeterlinck and many American poets. Among the latter we can mention Rubén Darío, Carl Sandburg , Ezra Pound and mainly Amy Lowell. They broke fixed rules of poetics that came from , Shakespeare and Marlowe.

Your capacity to create has no limits.Free verse is one of the most used poetic approaches in current literature because it empowers the ability to communicate new ideas and provoke creative options.

Examples of Free Verse In A Poem

To better understand the concept of free verses, the poem by the modernist writer Manuel Bandeira follows:

“I am fed up with the measured lyricism
Of well-behaved
lyricism Of the lyricism public official with expedient point book
protocol and manifestations of appreciation to mr. director.
I’m tired of the lyricism that stops and searches the dictionary for
the vernacular of a word.
Down the purists
All the words above all the universal barbarisms
All constructions especially the syntaxes of exception
All the rhythms, especially the innumerable ones
I’m tired of the lyricism of the flirtatious
Of all lyricism that capitulates to whatever is of itself
is not lyricism
It will be accounting co-senes table secretary of the
exemplary lover with a hundred models of letters
and the different ways to please women, etc.
I want rather the lyricism of the madmen
The lyricism of the drunkards
The lyricism of the drunkards
The lyricism of the clowns of Shakespeare.

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