Free Fire:All weapons List

To survive in Free Fire – Battlegrounds it is necessary to use the weapons we take well. We have limited space in the backpack, so it is wise to choose among the best weapons and know how to properly use those that we find.

The range of fire can be long, medium or short. Some of the weapons that we find on the island can be used in different ways; others, only in its proper scope. Knowing how to choose the correct weapon for each situation will guarantee our victory. In this list you will discover what types of weapons are available in the game.

We will use a scale from 1 to 10 to rate each weapon. This score takes into account the type of weapon, the damage it deals, the recoil and the number of accessories it can have.

In the tables we use data provided by Garena, the creators of Free Fire .

  • Precision rifles
  • Assault rifles / machine guns
  • Submachine guns / light machine guns
  • Shotguns
  • Special weapons
  • Pistols
  • Melee weapons

Precision rifles

Sniper or sniper rifles are weapons used to shoot from long distances and typically use telescopic sights as an aiming aid. These rifles are absolutely deadly in good hands, as they can cause extreme damage and even immediate death.

Precision rifles
Weapon Hurt Rank Precision Firing speed Ammunition Reload speed Availability
M21 Woodpecker 85 63 69 38 12 48 Loot
M82B 90 85 90 27 8 41 Loot (Blue Zone)
AWM 90 91 90 27 5 3. 4 Drop / Supplies
Kar98k 90 84 90 27 5 27 Loot
SVD – Dragunov 89 80 51 3. 4 10 41 Drop / Supplies
SKS 82 82 51 35 10 41 Loot
VSS 54 82 73 48 fifteen 55 Loot
AC80 No official data Loot

M21 Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is a weapon that mixes the power of a sniper rifle with that of an assault rifle. Don’t be fooled by the slightest damage or accuracy, as this weapon is capable of penetrating armor effectively. Besides, it has a good rate of fire and reload, with 12 rounds in the magazine. Considering that almost every type of accessory can be added, it can be turned into a very lethal weapon!

Score: 8


A powerful sniper rifle that, without being as lethal as an AWM, does tremendous damage. Its unique power allows bullets to pierce through blocks of ice and even do much more damage against vehicles. It has the great advantage of being able to add a silencer and, in addition, its magazine accepts up to 8 bullets.

Score: 9


A bolt-action rifle, which means you need to take your eyes off the scope after each shot. It has a 5-round magazine and an integrated telescopic sight. It is the most powerful weapon in Free Fire , capable of delivering lethal shots from a long distance. However, the AWM rifle can only be taken in drops and has its own ammo.

Score: 9


Pre-equipped with a very good sight, the Kar98k is a very powerful and efficient rifle. However, it is not ideal for new players and has a magazine of only five rounds. The only accessory that we can apply is an aiming one.

Score: 7

SVD – Dragunov

A very powerful weapon and pre-equipped with a 4x scope, the Dragunov gives very consistent shots at great distances. Allows you to attach all kinds of extras, further improving the rifle. It is slightly less accurate than the AWM but, being semi-automatic, it compensates with its rate of fire. Plus, you don’t have to look away after every shot. Unfortunately, the Dragunov is only available in drops or supply points.

Score: 9


It is a semi-automatic rifle with a capacity of 10 AR bullets. It causes a lot of damage and comes with a built-in telescopic sight. Unfortunately, it has a high recoil and is therefore not very accurate, although it can be improved with the right accessories. SKS can carry a shaft to stabilize the shots and the muzzle for greater range of bullets, as well as a magazine of greater capacity.

Score: 7


Listed as SMG for using that ammunition, the VSS is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that can hit many shots on target quickly and accurately. It is difficult to be heard with this rifle, as it has a built-in silencer, in addition to integrating a sight. It is versatile at long and medium distances, but it is difficult to find. It does not cause much damage but is compensated by its low recoil and high rate of fire.

Score: 7


AC80 is a rifle with a power that has nothing to envy to other weapons. The most striking aspect is the penetrating shots, as this deals more damage when shooting consecutively. In this way, you can take out an enemy relatively quickly, even if they are wearing armor or helmet. Apart from this, you can add some accessories to AC80!

Score: 8

All Free Fire sniper rifles

Assault rifles / machine guns

Assault rifles or machine guns are long and medium distance weapons, with automatic fire and high impact power. They are the most versatile weapons in the game, adapting better to multitudes of situations. We also include heavy machine guns in this section.

Assault rifles / machine guns
Weapon Hurt Rank Precision Firing speed Ammunition Reload speed Availability
Parafal 69 58 40 48 30 41 Loot
AUG 56 56 35 61 35 48 Loot
AN94 60 55 48 58 30 Four. Five Loot
M4A1 53 77 54 56 30 48 Loot
M14 77 79 57 43 fifteen 41 Loot
SCAR 53 60 42 61 30 41 Loot
AK 62 73 41 55 30 41 Loot
FAMAS 54 70 47 72 30 48 Loot
GROZA 61 77 52 58 30 48 Drop / Supplies
XM8 57 58 58 60 25 48 Loot
KingFisher No official data Loot
M60 56 65 43 56 60 48 Loot
M249 57 79 67 59 100 48 Drop / Supplies
KORD 59 73 3. 4 52 80 41 Loot


PARAFAL is a good weapon with great power and range of fire, with which you will have a certain advantage in the exchanges of shots at medium distance. The trick is that it has low accuracy and rate of fire. If you fine-tune your aim, you will be able to do great damage with this weapon, but try to have another weapon for close-range engagements.

Score: 7


After many updates without seeing a hugely popular assault rifle, AUG is here to stay. It is a reliable and good damage weapon in the hands of anyone who wants to keep their distance from enemies. Although you can attach any type of accessory, it is appreciated that it comes pre-equipped with a sight. The bad point is that, without accessories, AUG is not the best weapon you can have in Free Fire .

Score: 6


The AN94 is basically a new version of the AK. With good recoil control and long range, this powerful assault rifle is versatile and highly accurate. Although it does less damage than the AK, we can land more shots in a row on our enemies, thanks to its recoil. However, the rate of fire is slow, so for short distances it is not much use.

Score: 8


It is a long and medium distance weapon with a high rate of fire, but not very precise due to the recoil. This rifle is perfect for new players as it adapts to different scenarios. With the right accessories, we can improve this weapon considerably, even reducing its recoil. We can attach a sight, a magazine with more capacity, improve aim or add a shaft.

Score: 7


It is the machine gun that causes the most damage in Free Fire . If we add a sight to this weapon, we will have in our hands a powerful high-impact automatic rifle. It has quite a bit of recoil on auto fire, but the shots are perfectly manageable, especially if we grab a few accessories. The magazine is small, with only 15 rounds, so you have to be careful not to waste ammunition.

Score: 8


A stable weapon, with little recoil and quite easy to handle. This rifle is quite popular, but not very accurate and not very powerful. If we use the sight, the shaft and the level 3 muzzle, we will have a weapon with very consistent shots at long range.

Score: 7


A very powerful weapon, capable of causing a lot of damage with a good rate of fire. However, this hitting power is hampered by heavy recoil. The AK rifle is not suitable for beginners, but if we master it it can become a nightmare for our enemies.

Score: 8


The first Free fire weapon that can fire in bursts. It has a short burst mode, three shots in a row, which increases the damage of the weapon. In addition, it is quite stable and we can add all kinds of accessories, greatly improving its effectiveness.

Score: 8


One of the best weapons in the game, combining great shooting power with long-range precision. It is very rare, as you can only find it in certain drops . The rate of fire is low, so it is not worth using it at close range.

Score: 9


This rifle is pre-equipped with a sight and deals more damage than the M4A1 and SCAR, yet has less recoil. Allows you to add all kinds of accessories, except the sight. It’s a good medium-range rifle, but long-range shooting requires a good command of it.

Score: 8


The KingFisher is far from the most damaging assault rifle in Free Fire, but its stability makes it one of the weapons of choice for multiplayer. It’s easy to head-hit enemies even in medium-range combat, and it also comes with a built-in scope. One of the most reliable weapons in the game.

Score: 8


The M60 is a heavy machine gun with good damage, range and accuracy, despite having high recoil. If we play in Squad mode, it is a recommended weapon to cover our team, as it has a large magazine. It has a slow rate of fire; still, try to use short bursts of 3-5 shots to maximize their effect. The only accessory allowed is an optical sight.

By activating the machine gun mode (see note at the end of the section), the M60 obtains a higher rate of fire.

Score: 8


This is another one of the heavy machine guns and one of the best weapons in Free Fire . The powerful M249 reaches long distances and despite being automatic, it has little recoil. Plus, its 100-round magazine takes a long time to wear out. You will manage to trap the enemies under an endless wave of lead! Keep in mind that it is a very rare weapon, available only in drops .

When activating machine gun mode (see note at end of section), the M249 does slightly more damage.

Score: 9


KORD is a similar weapon to M249, although it ranks lower in weapon stats. Interestingly, it has an integrated optical sight. This heavy machine gun has a good range, so you can take advantage of the scope to shoot distant enemies. However, the low accuracy and slower rate of fire prevent you from being effective at long range.

By activating machine gun mode (see note at end of section), the KORD gains higher rate of fire and fires three rounds at once. We recommend looking for a safe place and using this mode, as it is the best use of this machine gun.

Score: 6

Note : Machine Gun Mode is a bonus the weapon receives when you use it crouching or lying on the ground.

Submachine guns / light machine guns

Submachine guns (SMG) or light machine guns are short-distance weapons with a high rate of fire. They are suitable for one-on-one combat, as they can fill opponents with lead in a matter of seconds. Because they do little damage, they are not effective over long distances.

Submachine guns
Weapon Hurt Rank Precision Firing speed Ammunition Reload speed Availability
Vector 47 32 61 81 25 41 Loot
Thompson fifty 33 42 77 42 48 Loot
P90 48 27 43 76 fifty 48 Loot
MP5 48 41 54 76 48 77 Loot
UMP fifty 37 43 74 48 77 Loot
MP40 48 22 17 83 twenty 48 Loot
Mini UZI No official data Loot


Vector is a special light machine gun, as it is the first to be used in Akimbo mode. That means you can carry two Vectors at the same time! Thanks to that, Vector is quite a damaging weapon in close range duels, as long as you have two in hand. The hail of bullets will lower the life of any enemy that is put before you and, in addition, it is the most accurate submachine gun.

Score: 9


The Thompson is a middle ground between the high cadence of the MP40 and the huge magazine of the P90, with the advantage of being the submachine gun that causes the most damage. Accuracy is somewhat worse, although you will feel little of it if you use it in close-range combat. For exploring close quarters or skirmishes in the vicinity, the Thompson is a very solid choice.

Score: 8


The P90 is a stable and accurate light machine gun with a massive 50 round magazine. It does not have the rate of fire of the MP40 but deals the same damage and at a greater distance. You can also carry an optical sight and increase your magazine. It is a balanced weapon for those of us who prefer tactics over aggression.

Score: 7


The classic MP5 is ideal for short and medium distances, especially inside buildings. It is a very accurate submachine gun with an incredible rate of fire. However, it does very little damage to enemies with level 3 vests and its shots are ineffective at long range. The recoil, even without accessories, is practically non-existent.

Score: 6


With a slower but more powerful rate of fire than the MP5, the UMP is a good entry-level light machine gun. It’s accurate, well balanced, and better than the other three at long range. Of course, it has more recoil but it can be improved by adding a shaft and aiming accessories.

Rating: 5


The MP40 is another classic weapon, with a great rate of fire and very stable. Its short range makes it useless over long distances, but it is very effective in closed places such as houses or warehouses. Being an old weapon, apart from the magazine, it does not allow the use of other extras.

Score: 7

Mini UZI

The Mini UZI is a secondary weapon that is useful in close combat. Although the damage per bullet is not that high, the rate of fire more than compensates. If you have good aim, you can take down or eliminate an enemy in a matter of two seconds at the start of the game, as long as they have no protection. Unfortunately, the Mini UZI does not accept accessories.

Score: 7


Shotguns are weapons for players who prefer a more aggressive style, with considerable damage and low rate of fire. They are perfect and very effective for short distances, as well as being easy to find.

Weapon Hurt Rank Precision Firing speed Ammunition Reload speed Availability
MAG-7 89 fifteen 17 53 8 55 Loot
M1887 100 twenty-one 10 42 2 55 Loot
M1014 94 10 10 39 6 twenty Loot
M1873 94 8 10 35 2 41 Loot
SPAS12 97 16 10 42 5 3. 4 Loot


MAG-7 is a shotgun that, despite having less damage per bullet / pellet, allows you to do more damage in close combat. It has the highest rate of fire of this type of weapon and 8 rounds in the magazine. Therefore, the MAG-7 is an ideal weapon if you find it in the first few minutes and want to explore the interior of buildings.

Score: 8


A two-shot shotgun is something that won’t appeal to many players, especially after the start of the game. Despite that disadvantage, it compensates for its heavy damage. It has a good reload time, so in good hands and constantly on the move, the M1887 can be very lethal.

Score: 7


It is a very accurate shotgun and capable of causing a lot of damage with a single shot to an unprotected enemy. It only has five rounds in the magazine and cannot be augmented with accessories. The recoil is considerable but, being semi-automatic, it does not influence your shots much.

Score: 6


A high-damage weapon, this short-range shotgun only has two rounds in the magazine. Causing brutal damage at close range, it is ideal for use indoors or in other enclosed spaces. We will be the terror of our enemies! However, in long-range combat it is totally useless. It can be used as a replacement for the gun.

Score: 6


The SPAS12, with a very menacing appearance, causes a lot of damage at close and medium range. Unlike the M1014, it is possible to attach a higher capacity magazine. In this way, we can fight for longer in an exchange, without having to reload.

Score: 6

Special weapons

In this section you will find a variety of weapons that are very different from each other, and that do not quite fit in any of the other sections.

Special weapons
Weapon Hurt Rank Precision Firing speed Ammunition Reload speed Availability
M79 90 51 90 27 1 62 Drop / Supplies
Crossbow 90 36 90 48 1 41 Loot
MGL140 90 51 90 33 5 76 Loot
Healing Gun 56 33 57 44 25 48 Loot
CG15 fifty 71 60 69 twenty 62 Loot
Gatling 55 84 79 56 1200 62 Loot
Hand cannon 90 10 3. 4 27 2 62 Loot
RGS50 90 100 90 27 3 62 Loot
Plasma 57 73 54 58 30 Loot
Ice gun 5 Loot


Is there a camper who shoots you secretly? Or have you met someone out in the open? Use the M79 and give it a beautiful gift! There’s nothing like using 40mm bullets, with brutal damage, to climb the ranks. However, we must bear in mind that it only carries one bullet per magazine, and the only applicable accessory is a faster reload.

Score: 8


This crossbow shoots silent and powerful darts. The darts he uses penetrate through all types of vest or helmet, and produces a bleeding effect that causes him to lose life for a few seconds. We won’t be able to accessorize it and we’ll only get one shot at a time. Use it with care.

Score: 6


The MGL140 is a repeating grenade launcher, with a 5 grenade magazine. If the M79 already gets on many players’ nerves, this weapon is quite a display of power and anger. Beware of shooting like crazy, as you will quickly run out of ammo. The only accessory that can be added is the charger. However, for now it is only available in Explosive Jump mode.

Score: 9

Healing Gun

This pistol is very curious, because you can damage your enemies or heal your allies with the shots. Unfortunately, it has a short range and the magazine is somewhat limited. In addition, it is impossible to add any type of accessory or extra.

Score: 7


It is a futuristic weapon with two types of fire: normal or precision. The normal mode is quite effective, considering that it uses SMG ammunition, that is, submachine gun. Precision shooting, by placing the eye on the sight, allows a shot of kinetic energy to be charged. If you manage to load the shot to the maximum, you will do more damage than with an AWM!

Unfortunately, the CG15 only allows magazine and shaft as extras, and of course the precision shot takes a while to reload. In order not to throw off the game too much, the normal shot deals a lot of damage but with a relatively low cadence. For this reason, this sniper combines well with an assault rifle.

Score: 9


Imagine having a powerful machine gun in your hands, with which you could fire an endless rain of bullets at your opponents. That’s exactly what Gatling does, with a 1,200-round magazine and good damage for each one. Enemies will never be safe once you decide to pull the trigger. Although it does not stand out for it, its precision and range is decent for what it contributes. You will dominate the battlefield if you get hold of this weapon!

Score: 10

Hand cannon

The Hand Cannon is very useful, as it takes the place of the pistol and is much better. In the background it is the same as the M79 grenade launcher but with a small size and much less range. If you find one of these cannons, get it!

Score: 8

RGS50 – Antimatter Rifle

If you are looking for a good powerful weapon, RGS50 is a great choice! It is designed to destroy vehicles, so you can imagine that it does a great deal of damage. Not only that, it has the longest range in the game and near-perfect precision. A pity that it is difficult to find.

Score: 9

Plasma Weapon

A weapon that does not need normal ammo but takes a long time to reload when you use it to the limit. The recoil is low, deals good damage, and has a decent rate of fire. It’s a good option. If you know how to handle it and you get accessories like the sight, it will be an effective weapon!

Score: 7

Ice Gun

The Ice Gun is not really a weapon, but simply spawns a wall of ice in front of you. If you can’t find an ice grenade, this is a good alternative.

Punctuation: –


They are small arms and of little range. Pistols should only be used until we find another weapon, due to their power and magazine limitations.

Weapon Hurt Rank Precision Firing speed Ammunition Reload speed Availability
Desert eagle 90 74 Four. Five 33 7 69 Loot
G18 Four. Five 36 57 64 fifteen 48 Loot
USP Four. Five 29 57 44 12 83 Loot
USP-2 Four. Five 29 57 61 12 55 Loot
M500 67 76 10 43 5 69 Loot
M1917 60 28 57 57 12 38 Loot

Desert eagle

A pistol capable of causing tremendous damage at medium range. It only has 7 rounds in the magazine, and the recoil is massive, but it is the most powerful pistol in Free Fire . However, it is only available in Squad Duels, but if you see it early in the game, grab it!

Score: 8


A modest pistol with a high rate of fire. It compensates for its low power with a good amount of rounds in the magazine. There are multiple G18s scattered across the map, so it’s easy to find one.

Rating: 4


It is a perfect weapon for the early stages of the game. It has a 12 round magazine and is slightly more accurate than the G18.

Rating: 4


USP-2 is the Akimbo mode of the USP weapon. Thanks to having two pistols in hand, you can do more damage in less time, and therefore it is more lethal than having a single USP. However, it is still not very effective.

Score: 6


The M500 is the only Free Fire pistol equipped with an optical sight. That allows us to shoot accurately at long distances and cause great damage. We can even add a silencer and aiming accessories, in order to have an even more effective weapon. Its main disadvantage is its small magazine, only 5 rounds, insufficient for extensive shootings.

Score: 7


Compared to weapons like Glock or USP, M1917 is a good weapon with greater power but it is far from being an essential weapon to survive. It has enough power to help you survive the first few minutes. However, due to its effective range of damage, it is only completely useful in close combat. The positive point is that you can put some accessories on it.

Score: 7

Melee weapons

Melee weapons
Weapon Hurt Rank Precision Firing speed Ammunition Reload speed Availability
Katana 66 5 10 32 Loot
Pan 62 5 10 35 Loot
Machete 66 5 10 32 Loot
Bat 63 5 10 33 Loot
Scythe 90 6 10 30 Loot

If you’ve just landed and found one of these weapons, use them. No unprotected and unarmed enemy will be able to resist the edge of the machete, the blunt force of the frying pan or the beautiful batting of a player. As a curiosity, the frying pan, apart from being excellent as a melee weapon, also serves as rudimentary protection. Who’d say!


The Katana is a new weapon that has come out together with Hayato’s character. It’s a nice mix between the machete and the bat, taking the best of both in terms of damage and range. For this reason, the Katana has easily become the best weapon melee of Free Fire . Prove your worth, samurai!


Accessories or extras help us to improve our weapons a lot. We can increase the magazine to have more bullets, add an optical sight or decrease the recoil to better handle the weapon. Whenever we find higher-level accessories, we have to immediately change them for the ones we have. These accessories can be:

  • Mouth: allows to increase the range of the bullets.
  • Shaft: Decreases recoil when stabilizing the weapon.
  • Magazine: increases the number of rounds per magazine. At a higher level, you can also increase the reload speed.
  • Optical sight: makes aiming easier by increasing focus.
  • Silencer: suppresses the noise of the shots, making you more difficult to detect.
  • Bipod– Decreases recoil and improves accuracy when shooting crouched or lying down.
  • Stock: increases the stability of the weapon and allows you to move faster while shooting.

Thermal sight

The thermal sight is a type of sight that allows us to identify an enemy by body heat, identified with a yellowish tone, even if it is hidden or protected. It is not usual to find it

Explosive weapons and grenades

Land mine

It is a powerful explosive that can be placed on the ground, anywhere. We can use the mine to deny entry or surprise an enemy. Unfortunately, it takes a while for the mine to explode even after being stepped on, but it does quite a bit of damage. It is very effective to place mines in areas with a lot of grass and bushes, and avoid putting them in places that are easy to see.


The grenade is the other explosive available in Free Fire . We can use it inside buildings where our enemies try to hide or for other surprises. Be careful when using them: avoid walls, ceilings or other obstacles, or you will risk the grenade coming back towards you!

Ice grenade

They shoot you and you have no cover? Use this grenade and create a solid wall of ice anywhere. I know what you’re thinking; yes, it is Fortnite style . This way you will manage to survive shots from enemies.

Blinding grenade

The blinding grenade is used to blind your enemies for a few seconds. Use those seconds well to eliminate opponents or moving quickly to another site. Of course, be careful with using this grenade, lest you go blind!

Smoke grenade

The smoke grenade is one of the latest additions in Free Fire . At the moment it is only available in Squad Duel, and it is quite useful! It is true that shouting “this is my position” from a distance, but it serves a lot for tactical purposes. With this grenade you can flank better or avoid being seen well when you want to scout or ambush your team.

Grenade Lure

The Decoy Grenade serves as a diversionary maneuver for enemies who are not paying 100% attention. Throw it near you and a decoy will unfold that takes the form of an armed survivor. This is perfect for giving you time to escape or having enemies reveal themselves on the map when shooting the decoy. Use it strategically!

What is the best equipment?

In Battle Royale style games like Free Fire , all players start the game without any equipment. To win, you need to find weapons, shields, supplies, and bullets. An effective equipment would be to have a long and medium range weapon, equipped with a telescopic sight; a submachine gun or shotgun; and finally a pistol as a weapon of last resort.

In addition, it is essential to have a vest, helmet and a backpack of levels 2 or 3. Get used to taking the most effective weaponry and immediately discarding the lower one. Don’t be so daring trying to achieve victory with just a pistol, here the smartest one wins!


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