Fortnite update today: here is the update 9.21

There are important news regarding the Fortnite update today : the servers of the famous game are in fact currently offline. Let’s find out all the details of the update 9.21.


Fortnite update today: here is the Proximity Grenade Launcher

Here we go: with a little delay, Epic Games has announced the arrival of Fortnite’s 9.21 update . It will be available from today, after the maintenance operations started a little while ago. In fact, the game servers are currently offline and will remain so for at least a couple of hours.

In fact, this is not a simple content update, but a real update with times that may even be longer than expected. In all likelihood, however, Fortnite will be back online by 2, maximum 14 Italian hours.

The only thing looking for this update is the introduction of the new Proximity Grenade Launcher . It is a heavy weapon that should allow players to destroy opposing structures even more easily. The statistics are clear:

  • Damage dealt per hit: 70
  • Chance to deal a critical hit: 0%
  • Fire frequency: 0.65
  • Charger size: 2
  • Type of ammunition used: rockets
  • Reload time: 2.8395 seconds
  • Damage to structures: 138
  • Impact: 825

Fortnite update today: the other news

At the moment, no further details are known about the content of the update . There may be news regarding the map, the challenges, the events and much more, but there are no certainties in this regard.

You just have to wait for the official changelog , but before leaving you, we remind you that the PlayStation Plus subscribers can now download the Fortnite PS4 Celebration Package completely free of charge. Includes three items: Blue Coaxial Hang Glider, Blue Fusion Wake and Loading Screen.


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