Dead or Alive 6 on offer on Amazon: here is the price

If you like fighting games, Dead or Alive 6 is for you. The Team Ninja video game is on offer on Amazon at a much lower price. Let’s find out all the details.


Dead or Alive 6 Amazon offer: all the details

In these hours the e-commerce giant is discounting various titles related to E3 2019, the event that is being held in Los Angeles focused on the news of the gaming world. Well, Dead or Alive 6 has also been included at a discounted price, both as regards the version on PS4 and Xbox One.

We are talking about a title that has brought several innovations compared to the free-to-play version that has made it famous. First of all a discreetly rich single player, but also more well-kept characters and a solid, technical and in general very consistent gameplay.

Coming to the price proposed by Amazon, it costs 39.99 euros . The discount is considerable, considering that it is a game released a couple of months ago and sold in most cases at the list price. Here is the link to take advantage of the promotion:

[amazon_link asins = ‘B07N6T418X, B07DLV1Y8V’ template = ‘ProductCarousel’ store = ‘infod-21 ′ marketplace =’ IT ‘link_id =’ f3b733cf-cd8f-431c-8964-285efd520fc2 ′]

Dead or Alive 6: the next DLC is out

Finally, remember that on June 18 the new package with the DLC of the title will be published. Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond characters from The King of Fighters will be included. An update will also be released along with the DLC.

The update in question will include the “Versus” rules in Lobby matches, the ability to communicate through text chat while watching the matches and also further improvements to the chat itself. It will also solve the problems that prevented you from unlocking the titles despite all the required conditions being met.


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