Fortnite guide: how to complete all the challenges of Season 3 Chapter 2

Here you have the guide with the solution to all the challenges of Season 3 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite and the challenges of Aquaman . A large assortment of challenges that are already available and you can complete to amass a good handful of experience points and level up faster .

Challenges of week 1 (Season 3)

These are the week 1 challenges and their solution:

  • Deal Damage to Loot Sharks in Burning Sands –The waters of the new map are infested with sharks and all you need to do to complete the challenge is kill them. When they die they will give a good handful of loot, so try to kill them whenever you can. Here is the map with the exact point where you must carry out the mission.
  • Deal damage within 10 seconds after landing from the whirlpool on Hidro 16:the old dam on Hidro 16 is still active and just ahead, at its lowest point, you will find a water whirlpool from which you can be thrown high . You must damage an enemy within 10 seconds after landing.
  • Access the Rancoroso Corner chamber:just as it happened in the previous season, Grudge Corner has a vault that we can access to get a good cache. To access it you will have to kill Kit, the chief of the robots, who guards it and collect the access card that he carries.

Here is a video so you can see how to complete the challenge and the exact place where the Rencoroso Rincón camera is located.

  • Find Gnomes in Cozy Alcor:The typical gnome search returns to Fortnite, which asks us to find three of these garden statues in the northwest area of ​​the map. It is relatively easy to find them, but if you do not know the specific area in which to look for them, you have it below.

Here is a video that will help you find the gnomes faster.

  • Register chests or boxes of ammunition in Platform Patituerta:another challenge that does not require great work to complete is the one that takes us to the southwest area of ​​the map to look for chests and boxes of ammunition. With a walk around the area and collect seven of them we will consider it completed.
  • Land in Campo Calígine and finish in the top 25:as simple as landing in the city in the southern part of the map and then finishing among the 25 best players in the game. Patience and skill are more than enough to finish it.
  • Eliminations in Angry Accumulations:to complete it we must go to the northeast area of ​​the map and kill three enemies. It does not matter if it is in more than one game or if you do it in Team Fray, so take advantage there and do not be overwhelmed with completing it quickly.

Aquaman Challenges of Week 1 (Season 3)

These are the week 1 challenges of the Aquaman skin and its solution:

  • Use a whirlpool in La Fortilla:just like in the challenge of Hidro 16, you have to travel to the area called La Fortilla and use the water whirlpool that is located in the south of the archipelago. As simple as entering it and being thrown into the air.

Challenges of week 2 (Season 3)

These are the week 2 challenges and their solution:

  • Use different zip lines in The Authority: wehave to walk through the zip lines that are scattered around The Authority. Specifically, we will have to use 8 of them in a challenge that can be completed without problems. If the concentration of users bothers you, try doing it in Team Rumble.
  • Search chests or boxes of ammunition in Sacred Hedges:the classic challenge in which you wander through an area of ​​the map in search of chests and boxes of ammunition. We will need 7 to complete it.
  • Find Deadpool’s float on the Yacht:it is not the Yacht that we knew until now, in fact it is further north, in box E1. Once there you must find Deadpool’s float that is in the area.
  • Score a goal on the Parque Placentero soccer field –another challenge that you probably remember completing countless times. Attentive to the influx of players in the area during the first hours and days. Being lucky on your side of the Team Rumble map can make things easier for you.
  • Eliminations in Sleeping Pools: itwill be time to kill 3 enemy players in that area of ​​the map. Patience in normal games and luck in Team Rumble will determine whether you can complete it quickly or not.
  • Get Headshots at Minions in the Fort:The Fort is usually a good area to hunt down henchmen, so the only difficulty is in nailing those headshots to complete this challenge. You need 20 headshots to close.
  • Gather or consume objects to search in El Huerto:the usual apples in El Huerto , north of Finca Frenesí and in space F3, will be our main objective in this challenge. We must collect or consume 5 of them to complete the challenge.

Aquaman Challenges of Week 2 (Season 3)

These are the week 2 challenges of the Aquaman skin and its solution:

  • Use a fishing rod to slide behind a loot shark in Burning Sands:it has no mystery, you simply have to pick up a fishing rod and throw it at a shark so that it hooks and you can walk with it.

Challenges of week 3 (Season 3)

These are the week 3 challenges and their solution:

  • Search chests or ammunition boxes in Campo Calígine:once again you have to deal with the search for chests and ammunition boxes in an area of ​​the map. This time it’s time to find 7 of these objects in the town in the extreme south.
  • Eliminations in The Authority: it’s timeto kill 3 enemies in the central area of ​​the map. As always in these cases, Team Melee aims to be the best option to complete it.
  • Collect floating circles in Sleeping Pools: it’s time totravel to Sleeping Pools and collect 4 blue rings that you will find floating in the area. A walk through the town or the video you have below will be more than enough to find them.
  • Dance on top of the crane in Plataforma Patituerta: it’s time togo to the Mad Max aquatic area in the southwest corner of the map and get on the crane. Once there, a little dance is more than enough to close the challenge.


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