In a previous article, we shared with us Fortnite building tips . In other words, helpful building tips that improve your skills. In this article, we thought we would continue on this path and tell you more about practical Fortnite building binds that allow you to build even more efficiently!




As you are most likely aware, construction is a cornerstone of mastering Fortnite. Being able to build quickly under pressure is even more important, while most of us are not fanatical about the standard controls, which we tell more about in our previous article Fortnite controls .


Fortunately, it is possible to change the default controls and select your own controls. So-called binds. If you talk about the commands that concern the construction, they are usually (not completely untipped) referred to as building binds.




Which commands you are comfortable with are undeniably highly individual. Some people like the default settings, but personally we think it works better to replace the most commonly used build commands.


For walls, ramps and platforms, we have stuck to the following controls:

  • Building option 1 (wall): Q or E
  • Building alternative 2 (platforms): F or V
  • Building alternative 3 (ramps): F or V

Another option is to use the following controls:

  • Building option 1 (wall): Z
  • Construction option 2 (platforms): X
  • Building alternative 3 (ramps): C

Although these are very close at hand, they can be physically strenuous to press because you are using WASD at the same time. If, on the other hand, you come across this, ZXC can be a good alternative.


Last but not least, you can also use the mouse side buttons to optimize your building binds. Assuming you use such a mouse that is. In such a case, we are stuck for the following checks:

  • Building option 1 (wall): Side button 4
  • Building option 2 (platforms): Side button 2
  • Construction option 3 (ramps): Side button 3

Using the mouse’s side buttons may seem strange to the uninitiated at first, but after a while you will definitely get used to it. If you learn to handle these controls, they are without a doubt the most effective building bandages.


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