Flower Art (Craft Workshop)

Flower Art . It is an artisan workshop located in the municipality of Comasagua , department of La Libertad . The company is dedicated to the elaboration of cards and decorative tables with natural materials collected in the same locality, they represent the daily life of Salvadorans, natural landscapes and decorative figures, then they are distributed in nearby municipalities, fairs and festivals that take place in other departments and countries such as Spain , Canada , among others.


The Arte en Flor workshop was founded by three sisters from Coatepeque , residents of Comasagua, who began the trade in the “Arte Comasagua” workshop as employees, working in the workshop for 4 years, with the experience gained from belonging to the original group. , it is easier for them to carry out the work, operating as an independent workshop and thus have clients with preference to the way of working, market management, knowledge of the competition and some contacts for product exports. Later they decide to become independent as a business from 2015 .

Currently the workshop is made up of nine members who develop the different areas that the workshop requires for its operation (landscape design, material collection, assistance to the needs of the group and general supervision of the entire process), Mrs. María Elena Flores, despite her responsibility as an artisan participating in the elaboration and manufacturing process, fulfills the role of greater leadership and organization with all the other members.

This Art with Flowers, are creations made, mostly, by women who work different products in which they capture the natural beauty of the municipality. Making Comasagua a place recognized for this type of flower crafts, a delicate work that attracts domestic and foreign tourists.


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