The five-minute technique that will change your day

Meditation may seem like something very distant, but, although it is not easy, it is something that everyone, with a little effort and training, can do. We must put aside prejudices, demystify the idea of ​​”leaving the mind blank” and approach this relaxation technique with interest, desire and an open mind.

The benefits of meditation are manifold and the idea is shared by Carla Sánchez, yoga instructor and co-founder of «The Holistic Concept», a consultant specializing in stress management. It is the platform’s confounder who is in charge of imparting the “Daily Resets”, an activity that takes place in the LaMarca space in Madrid on Thursdays at lunchtime and in which, for 30 minutes, the frantic daily activity stops and there is a meditation session.

“What we are trying to do is to encourage people to learn to take active breaks,” explains Sánchez, and notes: “These breaks are much more than stopping to breathe, which is the basis for calming the mind, but if we don’t work our bodies, if we do not become aware of our position , we cannot reach the goal ».

Lunchtime is the best to be able to do this “reset” and face the rest of the day with desire. «In the morning we only think about work and do not allow ourselves to stop but instead at lunchtime, especially in Spain, we have a very integrated break, so it is the perfect place for one to make a concession and dedicate a time to yourself , ”explains the yoga instructor.

Meditate in the office

Carla Sánchez gives us several tips to make this break in the middle of our day and get meditate for a while. To begin, he points out the importance of leaving our shyness aside : «Sometimes we are ashamed to close our eyes in the middle of the office, we find it weird, and therefore many people who know how to do these exercises do not do them». In this case, Sanchez recommends us to find a quiet place, including «leaving the office and stretching our legs a little». “We can sit on a bench, and breathe deeply for five minutes, just that, observe how our body and our mind are,” he says.

The expert says that by doing this “we will notice a change in us”, as well as we can help each other with some relaxing music. “Stretch your back, close your eyes and allow yourself to rest,” he says. It also emphasizes the importance of the latter, since it ensures that “we have the tendency to think that resting is distracting” and that, when we get distracted, we achieve the opposite objective, since “we put more information in our brain” and what makes us rest from Truth is “pause, keep silent.”

On the other hand, Carla Sánchez considers that it is more effective to meditate at times when we are more active than at night, since being more lucid and having more mental control, has a greater impact. «We can do it in the subway, walking the dog, for example I sit on a bench, close my eyes, and spend five minutes. We can find holes, but we must put intention, ”he says.

Meditating during the holidays can help us discover ourselves inwardly – Unsplash

Meditate on vacation?

Yoga instructor Carla Sánchez explains that, meditation should not be used only as a tool to counteract stress. “It can also serve as a method of self-knowledge, of inner listening,” he explains. «Meditating on vacation is a delight», he affirms and explains all the advantages that it can bring us: «By being calmer, you begin to discover other things, you connect with yourself emotionally, it helps you develop your sensibility and awakens your senses.

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