Fisherman’s ring

Fisherman’s Ring . It is the ring used by the highest representative of the Catholic Church on Earth . Each new Pope receives an outfit that identifies him and among them: the beautiful jewel with his name engraved in Latin .


The fisherman’s ring symbolizes the power of the pontiff and its design is inspired by scenes from the bible . In the same way, its name is also loaded with great meaning, since it is due to the office of Saint Peter , one of the twelve apostles of Jesus , and also the first Pope of the Catholic Church . In fact, the figure drawn on the ring seal is Pedro fishing from his boat.

The fisherman’s ring which is also known as a piscatorium is a jewel made of solid gold and was first used in the 13th century when it was useful for signing important documents or orders made by the Bishop of Rome , pressing the seal on the sealing wax to secure correspondence. According to historical records, the first mention of the ring was made by Pope Clement IV in 1269 , through a letter he wrote to his nephew.


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