Why do you first say hello on a phone?

Whether we receive or call the phone, first of all we say hello, but do you know why we say hello first on the phone? Why do we use this word? If not, in this article we will tell you that why do you say Hello first on the phone?

Whenever we talk on our phone or mobile, our first word is hello and the person who talks to us on the call first speaks the same word.

We have been hearing this word since childhood, when we did not have a mobile phone then someone else would have heard a lot on the phone saying hello, hello.

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Why do you first say Hello on a phone?

Maybe you know how the word Hello originated, but there will be many people who will not know why we are the first to say hello on the phone.

For the information of those people, we are going to tell in this post why hello is said on the phone and when and how the word Hello started.

Now if we tell you that it was the name of a girl, then you will feel strange but it is something like that.

Actually, the word Hello was the name of Graham Bell’s girlfriend. Now you must be wondering who was Graham Bell? Graham Bell invented the phone.

Yes, Graham Bell is the person because of which we have a phone in our hands today. His girlfriend’s name was Margaret Hello. He used to call his girlfriend by saying hello.

When Graham Bell invented the telephone, he first called his wife and called her hello.

Although early in the invention of the phone, they used to say “are you” instead of Hello, but people did not like this word.

Since then, the word hello has become popular. Although it cannot be said that this story is true behind hello. This story is told by most people as the origin of the word hello.

final thoughts

Now you must know why we are the first to say hello on the phone. When and how did the word hello begin etc.


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