Fireplace . It is a system used to evacuate hot gases and smoke from boilers, heaters, stoves, ovens, stoves, or homes into the atmosphere.


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  • Space in a house where a fire is made, provided with a duct through which smoke comes out; especially the one located in a hole in the wall and decorated with a frame and a shelf on top.
  • Duct that serves to vent smoke.
  • Conduit through which a volcano expels lava and other eruption materials.
  • Narrow and deep crack in the sky of a mine or in a rock.

Chimney Development

Q = volumetric smoke flow in the chimney, m³ / s A = cross-sectional area of ​​the duct, m² C = coefficient of discharge (~ 0.65 to 0.70) g = acceleration of gravity, 9.81 m / s² H = chimney height, m ​​Ti = average gas temperature, K Te = external and lower temperature

Fireplace Types

  • Fairy fireplace. Earth pyramid formed by the action of the waters of arroyada in a soft ground.
  • Volcanic chimney. A conduit, channel, or crack in the earth’s crust through which molten materials ascend.
  • Wood fireplaces. It is the oldest in the market for fireplaces, they are the ones that produce the most heat, they provide enough heat to heat a room completely. But these have their disadvantages: Maintenance is complex. the dirt from the use of firewood, the smoke is permanent, the cost of the chopped firewood.
  • Gas fireplaces. They came to market as to evolve, the traditional wood-burning fireplace, this works with butane gas or city gas. For more realism in this fireplace, many place white or black Chinese inside. The flames are also ventilated to avoid their relationship with the stove. These have two faces that can be used in adjoining spaces, such as the dining room and living room.
  • Electric fireplaces. They are really electric stoves that make a visual effect of fire, but they really don’t have a flame, they have a multitude of fire effects, lava type, burning logs, pearl, etc.
  • Bioethanol fireplaces. It is a recent model, they work by burning a liquid fuel called Bioethanol, which produces flame, does not provide fumes and only a little carbon dioxide. It is less powerful in calories than other fireplaces


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