Fine Arts: Definition, Elements, Functions, and Types

What is meant by fine art ? Understanding Art is a branch of art that produces works of art in which the shape and quality can be felt by the human senses, especially the sense of sight and sense of touch.

Others say that the notion of art is a branch of art that produces a work that can be enjoyed by the general public because it can have tangible forms and forms and can be seen.

In other words, fine art is a work of art that focuses on visual beauty and also touch. For certain people, this work of art can be an entertainment in itself just by seeing or touching it.

Through this branch of art one can show expression in himself to others. Based on its form, fine arts can be divided into two, namely;

  1. 2 Dimensional Art, which is a work of art that can only be seen from one perspective and has a long and wide dimension. Example; painting, relief art, graphic arts, and others.
  2. 3 Dimensional Art, which is a work of art that is shaped like a building and has a volume where the dimensions consist of length, width, and height. Example; sculpture, architectural art, craft art, ceramic art, and others.

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Elements of Fine Arts

Color is an element of art

Referring to the explanation above, there are several elements that make up an art. The elements of fine art are as follows:

1. The Point Element

The point is the smallest element and is the basis of all the art ideas that an artist will make.

2. Line Elements

Lines are elements that combine all points into a certain shape. The line will form the characteristics and character of a work of art (stiff, flexible, hard, and so on.

3. Field Elements

The field is the result of the development and incorporation of many lines so as to produce several sides in a work of art.

4. Elements of Form

Shape is an element that makes a work of art more meaningful and lively with all the details and touches that make it more beautiful.

5. Elements of Space

The space element is an element that has real and pseudo-nature, depending on its dimensions (2D and 3D).

6. Color Elements

Color is a very important element in a work of art. Alloy colors can make a work of art more beautiful.

7. Texture Elements

In this case the texture is the nature or condition contained in a work of art. In art, texture consists of two types, namely pseudo texture and real texture.

8. Bright and Dark Elements

The light-dark element is an element that can make a work of art look more real because it deals with the details of an object in fine arts.

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Function of Fine Arts

In general, the function of art can be divided into two. The functions of art are as follows:

1. Individual Function

Fine art can function as a satisfying individual need, especially for an artist. There is an inner satisfaction felt by an artist when he can express himself through the works of art they create.

2. Social Functions

In addition to individual satisfaction, inner satisfaction can also be felt by the community of art lovers from an art they see. That is why there are many people who buy a work of art that they like even though it is expensive.

Besides individual and social functions, fine arts also have other functions namely;

  • As a means of fulfilling the emotional needs of individuals, for example to express themselves for inner satisfaction.
  • As a means of worship or media to get closer to the creator.
  • As a means of communication within a community group.
  • Providing education to the community, both implicitly and explicitly.
  • As a medium to commemorate or preserve the culture of the Indonesian people.

Types of Fine Arts

After understanding the meaning and function, of course we also need to know what the types of art are. The following is the explanation:

1. Pure Fine Arts

This is a branch of art that produces works that are more focused on the value of beauty or aesthetics only, and do not care about the practical values ​​of the work made. As for some examples that are included in this type of art are as follows;

  • Art painting
  • Graphic arts
  • Art of calligraphy
  • Sculpture art
  • Ceramic art

2. Art of Design

Design art is a branch of art that deals with the creative process of planning or designing shapes. Some of which are included in the art of design are as follows;

  • Architecture
  • Design interior
  • Fashion design
  • Visual design
  • Fashion design

3. Craft Arts

Craft art is a work of art that was created by using the skills of the hand and pay attention to the value of art and functional aspects of the work produced. Some of which include craft art are as follows:

  • Rattan craft
  • Wood carving and sculpture
  • Bamboo craft
  • Ceramic handicrafts
  • Metal craft

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Thus a brief explanation of the definition of art, its elements, functions, and types. Hopefully this article is useful and broadens your horizons.


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