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FileMaker Pro. Powerful and easy-to-use database software that helps the team do any task faster. Millions of people in business, government, and education use FileMaker Pro to effortlessly manage all their information on Windows , Mac, and the Web .


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FileMaker Pro also has easy-to-use tools that allow you to:

  • Create custom databases.
  • Prepare reports.
  • Publish data on the Web.
  • Share information with a couple of clicks.

FileMaker Graphics


In FileMaker Pro 11, data can reach new dimensions with FileMaker graphics. Create more attractive reports with five different styles: vertical bars, horizontal bars, areas, lines or pie charts. It also allows you to create high impact web panels by publishing the graphics on the web instantly. With FileMaker charts, information can be shared and analyzed.

Quick reports

Lets you create quick reports in a spreadsheet-like format, plus group and summarize information on the fly directly in Table View to create professional-looking reports. Easily modify reports by adding, sorting, or hiding fields and records. Reports can be created in FileMaker Pro even if you have never used a database.

Presentation Assistant

Custom reports can be created in FileMaker Pro, with the improved Presentation / Report Wizard. The new optimized interface guides step by step to create reports with grouped data making it easier to select styles and themes, adding headers, footers, subtotals or hyphens.

Link to snapshot

Sometimes a report is needed where the recordset does not change but the details do. A snapshot link file can be created to save a specific recordset at any given time. This will also keep the same presentation, view and type of order. Any changes made to the file will be updated in the database. Plus, collaboration is made easier because you can email the snapshot link to anyone with FileMaker Pro 11.

Recurring import

In FileMaker Pro 11 you can set a recurring import from Microsoft Excel , CSV, or tab-delimited text files . You can configure the import once, and then each time you open the database, the information in the Excel spreadsheet or data file is automatically updated in FileMaker Pro. The imported data is read-only. With this data, sales reports can be created, following the workflow and collaborating with other users in an easy way.

Increase your productivity

Quick search

In FileMaker Pro 11, you can search for information just as you would in a web browser . Enter a word or phrase in the search box and FileMaker Pro searches all fields in the presentation, directly in Browse mode. You can even customize Quick Search to work only on certain layouts or fields.


Lets you design databases more efficiently with the Inspector, a main tool palette that organizes all objects and properties in your presentation in one place.

Create a better database

Presentation folders

It allows organizing all the presentations in folders: it is as easy as drag and drop. From the presentation management dialog box you can create new presentations, folders or separators. In addition you can edit, copy and delete presentations from the same screen.

Portal filter

Add Portal Filter to Presentations allows you to automatically display only specified related records. Filters take advantage of the maximum capacity of the calculation engine. Displays data the way you want without having to use complex table occurrences or relationships.

Script creation

Lets you create and modify scripts through the Button Settings dialog box in Presentation mode, without having to go through individual menus and dialog boxes. This streamlined approach can also be used when creating Script Triggers, opening and closing script steps, and creating scripts in FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced custom menus.


  • Multi-Platform: FileMaker Pro works on both Macand Windows .
  • Easy data import: Incorporate data into FileMaker Pro, including files in CSVTab , XML , ODBC , and Microsoft Excel or Bento formats .
  • Report Generation Tools: Allows you to quickly create reports in a spreadsheet-like format, or create custom reports with the Presentation and Report Wizard. Use FileMaker charts to better visualize your data.
  • Data Sharing: Share the database over the network with up to nine FileMaker Pro users simultaneously. In addition, FileMaker save data as a spreadsheet from Microsoft Excelor a PDF of Adobe Acrobat , and send with just a few clicks.
  • Publish to the Web: Allows you to publish databases securely on the Web .
  • Connect to external SQLdata sources : Create live read / write connections with data in Microsoft SQL Server , Oracle and MySQL .


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