FIFA 19 guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our FIFA 19 guide . FIFA returns loaded with content and with important playable news that we will explain in detail throughout this guide so that you are able to master all facets of the game.

This installment of FIFA incorporates a new shooting system called Exact Completion and new shots for the volleys , so we will review all these new movements. We will also study the best ways to attack and defend, something that has gained importance thanks to adjustments in tactics. In the same way, we will see the different types of passes and dribbles , as well as all the new celebrations .

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As for game modes, the big news is the incorporation of the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and European Super Cup , with a perfect implementation and special settings. In addition, this season we have new modes in Quick Match , finding here a very fun selection to play with friends.

FIFA 19 also includes the well-known Ultimate Team, which for this season has the usual Squad Battles, ideal for easily winning coins, and incorporates the new Division Rivals , a competitive online game style that will give us access to FUT Champions. In the same way, we will review the novelties of the El Camino: Champions mode , the latest installment in the Alex Hunter trilogy that for this season will be accompanied by Kim Hunter and Danny Williams.


We will also review the news in very important online modes such as Clubs Pro , which faces 22 players in very exciting games, and Seasons , getting interesting rewards here. Finally, we will talk about the Career mode , which one more season allows us to choose between Manager and Player.

Welcome to the FIFA 19 guide .

What’s new in FIFA 19 compared to FIFA 18

As every year the new FIFA receives a series of improvements and news compared to its previous delivery, we detail all of them below.

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  • New Exact Completion system: when it comes to auctioning FIFA 19 incorporates a new mechanic called Exact Completion. This new shooting system is designed for professional players and consists of double-clicking when shooting, one before hitting and the other at the exact moment of the shot . In case of correct timing, the player’s triangle will light up green and you will have more possibilities to score, while if you miss the double click it will turn red and the goal options will drastically decrease. This new system can be deactivated from the Control Settings menu.
  • Divided Balls: FIFA 19 incorporates a new dispute system for divided balls. This season when two players run for a divided ball they will try to make some kind of movement to gain possession and prevent the opponent from taking it away. The system allows more realism in the plays and a greater variety of situations.
  • Volleys: The new installment of FIFA has introduced a multitude of new animations for volleys, thus achieving that these auctions have become a lethal weapon from face to door.
  • Controls at the first touch: this season’s title features a huge number of new movements to control and direct the ball, although logically only the highest quality players will be able to perform the most spectacular movements.

Game modes

  • The Way: Champions: The Way returns with a new story starring Alex Hunter, Kim Hunter, and Danny Williams. At any point in the plot you can choose between one of the three protagonists , once again having a large number of customization options, individual progressions and the option to play the plot cooperatively. Without a doubt, it is once again one of the most interesting modes.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team: One of the star modes of FIFA returns with very interesting news. This season we have Squad Battles , an option where you play against the AI ​​to overcome daily and weekly challenges. The great novelty is the incorporation of the new Division Rivals , an online game mode that requires a series of initial positioning matches to locate ourselves in a certain division. Once located you will play games online to try to access the FUT Champions The envelope and squad making system remains unchanged, although new ICON players linked to the latest UEFA Champions League history have been added.
  • UEFA Champions League: FIFA 19 includes the fully licensed UEFA Champions League tournament. Here you can also modify the official groups of the competition by choosing other European teams. Finally it will be possible to complete the entire tournament, including the final at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid.
  • Quick Match: In addition to the usual friendlies, the new Quick Match mode includes fun options to play with friends such as: No Rules , matches in which there are no fouls or no game; Survival , where the team that scores loses a player; Headers and volleys , in which you can only score heads and volley goals; Long Distance , in which the goals within the area are worth one and from the outside two; and The First to Score , winning the team that before reaches a certain number of goals.


  • New stadiums: FIFA 19 incorporates all the stadiums of the La Liga teams, with the exception of the newly promoted clubs and the Camp Nou. In addition, we continue to count on the more than 70 fiefs present in the previous installment.
  • Visual improvements in physics: This new installment has put a lot of emphasis on improving the face and physical similarity of the most important players, now finding a more realistic finish and new custom animations for the animations, including new dribbles and controls.
  • Visual improvements in the stadiums: for this season the visual finishes of the stadiums have been significantly improved both during the day and at night, and we can also see remarkable changes in the recreation of the different weather conditions. Another great novelty is that there is greater realism in sound settings.
  • New Presentations: Due to the incorporation of the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and European Super Cup, FIFA 19 includes all the official tournament infographics, new television plans, special settings for stadiums and new lines of dialogue, thereby achieving a unique atmosphere.


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